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    • Henry stayed silent at the mention of Afghanistan, he had never been and had gotten shit about it from both family and friends.  Very few aunts and uncles understood that an Airman with severe airsickness in the Security Forces wouldn't be sent to kick in doors or drop bombs on the 'Al Kaidahs'.  He sipped more water, emptying the bottle and smashing it before recapping so it'd stay smashed.  "Long as they'ah not having me shoot innocents or protesteahs, I got no problem with em.  Other than that all I got to say is money talks, and oil is still big money.  No Oil, no gas, no tractahs or fishing boats, no trucks or trains hauling food, no fuel to keep the house warm in wintah."  His mouth was already dry and he was eyeing another bottle of water.
    • So, while I finish up the weapons list, enjoy this map of the two galaxies for this project!

    • (And Im sorry for not running the game. Im also finding a game of hunter so I was a bit desiccated.) Adam was chuckling with with Lucius and  Jake about how esay the job will be and A-stan till Dennis told them not bring up the subject. “Sorry there boss …… I did mean to bring back some bad memories. I had a bad time there too. I’ll just leave it at that.” “Lets just change the subject then.” Andreia said while putting away her phone. Before anyone can say more, Hannu finally broke his silents. “  So what do you think about the companywe are work for?  Maxergy I mean.” “What about Maxergy?”Adam replied. “We been with many oil companies before.” Hannu shook his. “Yes i know but have you herd of what trouble this country been in this past few years? They lost there diplomatic ties after this country was supporting the Muslim Brotherhood and Iran.* Sure, It got it’s trust from its numbers back resonantly, but why would Maxergy would come back here so early?”
      *( Here is some info about the Qatar diplomatic crisis https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2017–18_Qatar_diplomatic_crisis   ) 
    • Flipped a coin and got: Tails First 1d100 roll: 72 (Final Fantasy III) Second 1d100 roll: 64 (Marvel Cinematic Universe) Third 1d100 roll: 75 (Final Fantasy VI) 1d12 roll: 12 (A fast food restaurant) 1d20 roll: 12 (Babysitting)   Um.... okay.     Flipped a coin and got: Heads First 1d100 roll: 53 (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure) Second 1d100 roll: 68 (Kill la Kill) 1d12 roll: 3 (Generic Fantasy Land) 1d20 roll: 2 (Getting snowed in)   This... huh.     Flipped a coin and got: Heads First 1d100 roll: 24 (Babylon 5) Second 1d100 roll: 75 (Final Fantasy VI) 1d12 roll: 5 (Modern Suburbia) 1d20 roll: 16 (A birthday party)   Kefka shows up at Cartagia's birthday party in the suburbs?  Disturbing....   Flipped a coin and got: Heads First 1d100 roll: 17 (Stargate: SG-1) Second 1d100 roll: 38 (Mass Effect) 1d12 roll: 11 (A weird hotel) 1d20 roll: 11 (Clones run amok)   Well, that's certainly.... interesting.   Flipped a coin and got: Tails First 1d100 roll: 52 (Yu Yu Hakusho) Second 1d100 roll: 14 (Star Wars: Rebels) Third 1d100 roll: 46 (Berserk) 1d12 roll: 8 (A Bar/Pub) 1d20 roll: 19 (Joining a Counter-Terrorist Group)   Okay.  This one probably can't work.  
    • Some other results: Flipped the coin and got: Heads First 1d100 roll: 94 (AC Gundam, so "Gundam Wing") Second 1d100 roll: 85 (Pokemon) 1d12 roll: 5 (Modern Suburbia) 1d20 roll: 9 (Forming a rock band)   Oh this one was too easy.   Flipped the coin and got: Tails First 1d100 roll: 18 (Stargate: Atlantis) Second 1d100 roll: 87 (The Matrix) Third 1d100 roll: 63 (DC Animated Universe) 1d12 roll: 8 (A Bar/Pub) 1d20 roll: 19 (Joining a counter-terrorist group)   Huh.  THIS would be interesting.   One more. Flipped the coin and got: Heads First 1d100 roll: 3 (Star Trek: The Next Generation) Second 1d100 roll: 1 (Star Trek: The Original Series) 1d12 roll: 1 (Space) 1d20 roll: 7 (Telemarketers)   Okay, aside from the telemarketers, this was too easy (although, the idea of Kirk and Picard teaming up to fight space-telemarketing IS pretty hilarious).  One more.   Flipped the coin and got: Tails First 1d100 roll: 86 (Digimon) Second 1d100 roll: 61 (Transformers - Generation 1) Third 1d100 roll: 57 (The Land Before Time) 1d12 roll: 9 (Prison) 1d20 roll: 13 (Making a movie)   Okay.  Well THAT'S certainly crack-tastic.
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