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      The Orville >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ad infinium >>>>>>> ST: Discovery (aka Star Trek: PTSD) and Tilly is still a meme character. Carry on.
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      Memorial Announcement for Gear of Troll Kingdom   04/02/2018

      As far as I'm aware he wasn't a member but some members of this board crossed over. Khas has told me he died of cancer, and regardless what community he will be missed.
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      PLEASE READ - tagging me on Facebook and my retirement   04/09/2018

      It has come to my attention that I'm being tagged on Facebook posts by members of ASVS including the administration and moderatorship here. As I use that Facebook profile strictly for professional development...I have to request that you guys stop. I'm not kidding when I say it might become a serious liability, especially since I work in an industry extremely sensitive to things we joke about here. And with that, it has also come to my attention that the entire Commander RayCav persona has also become a liability towards my continued professional development - and so as of this moment I've decided to permanently retire it. I'm shutting this account down and I'm surrendering all moderatorship and administratorship responsibilities and privileges. I'll reregister under a new name as a regular member.

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  2. "Black Smoke Over Blue Water"

    Lucius had just reached his position on the port side of the Green Whale, about three quarters of the way up to the bow. The fog lazily billowed by, turning every light source on the ship into a big ball of diffused illumination. "Cain't see anything in this murk," he muttered. Suddenly, amid the rhythmic splashing of the ship's bow wave, he heard a loud "PWASH" somewhere aft. He turned towards the stern, but couldn't see a thing. Then he heard yelling in Arabic. "Izzat Murtada?" He unslung his M4 from his shoulder, and powered up the thermal sight. "Come on," he said, impatiently tapping on the ATN ThOR HD 640 as it came online. He looked through it, and saw Murtada and Henry a few hundred feet aft, just as the radio crackled with an explanation. "Ahab? Hah, whales," he chuckled. He briefly panned his weapon over the side of the ship, but the sights couldn't pick up anything in the sea and fog. He decided to resling the M4 over his shoulder, but left the thermal sight on. "Just in case."
  3. Altamid Drones vs. Super Battle Droids

    Assuming it's just the robots and no one directly giving them orders/tactics and that they're using 'standard' weapons (just their arm cannons). Think I'd give the open plane battle to the B2s, just a bunch of heavily armored and armed robots marching forward in unison and blasting away. The close quarters battle I would give to the Altamid drones, they seem better suited to small squad/ambush tactics while the B2s are pretty much 'go forward, kill' if left on their own.
  4. Altamid Drones vs. Super Battle Droids

    Like this for the both of them. And this.
  5. Alright, here's something I don't think we've done before. Discuss the value of various war robots. So, let's take a thousand of the Altamid Drones from Star Trek Beyond, and pit them against a thousand of the CIS' Super Battle Droids. Scenario 1: A battle in an open plane. Scenario 2: A battle set in a much more confined area. In this case, brewery that was used for Star Trek XI's engine room scene. How do these battles play out?
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  7. "Black Smoke Over Blue Water"

    Henry would duck out of the way of the spray, a bit surprised that the spray reached that far up the ship, He was snickering and barely holding back laughter when he saw Murtada, He'd key up his radio, still laughing sporadically. "This is Night-6." interrupted by laughter, managing to get it down to a snicker, "Night-3 you might wanna lock up all the harpoons on board. We might have an Ahab situation. Night-6 out." He'd walk up to Murtada and clap him on the shoulder, "That's gotta be good luck, like getting shit on by a seagull."
  8. Alright, a sci-fi video game match-up, with two rounds. The first is a team-based ground-battle, set in some abandoned brewery. On one side, from the StarCraft universe, we have some of the lead members of Raynor's Raiders. We have: Jim Raynor, Tychus Findlay, Egon Stetmann, Gabriel Tosh, Rory Swann, and Zeratul. On the other side, we have the members of Starfox Team: Fox McCloud, Falco Lombardi, Slippy Toad, Peppy Hare, R.O.B. 64, and Krystal. Whichever team takes out the other first, wins. For the second round, we have a space battle. A one-on-one duel between the Hyperion and the Great Fox. Whichever ship can at least disable the other wins. How do these matches go?
  9. "Black Smoke Over Blue Water"

    (For those on the deck that fail the site and hearing roll,I’m going to coin toss to see which side will well you see. Heads for Port, tails for starboard…..and I got heads. For Henry past his hearing test, so he is fortunate then the NPC that is patrolling on the same side.) Henry, you hear what sounds like a blowhole exhaling from a whale.You have enough time time to dodge the spray, but Murtada isn’t so lucky as he drenched in sea water. He jumps and yells in Arabic, catching the attention of the other guard on deck. “This is Night-three, we heard someone yelling on Portside.” said Andreia over the radio. “Are you alright?” After wiping the water from his face Murtada, before replying. “This is Night-five. Im fine, just a little friend from the sea gave me a splash of water to wake me up. Problem is I’m all reddy awake.” (For Denis site roll) When the fog rolled in ,Hannu switched the cameras to heat vision. You what looks like a pair of whales swimming close the Port side of the ship. Before you or Hannu can radio the rest of the team, one of the whales exhale and wets one the gourds in the proses. (That was just bit of humor and a bit of test with the dye. I hope that didn’t bothered you that much)
  10. (OOC: I apologize. Work's been crazy again - assistant manager went on vacation during one of the busiest times of the year. AND my uncle invited me to an astronomy party last weekend, so I really haven't had a lot of time.) (Rolled 1d10 for the sight roll. Got an 8.) After placing his stuff in his cabin, Dennis started walking towards the bridge. As he continued on his little trek, he noticed the fog beginning to roll in, rapidly obscuring just about everything around the boat. "Huh. Looks like Halloween's come early this year." he said, before letting out a sigh. He continued his walk until he reached the bridge, where he planted his ass down on one of the chairs overlooking a monitor. Now began what he assumed would be the long and monotonous task of keeping watch on the ship.
  11. Fluidus Potentia Evangelion (FPE Re-Write)

    Chapter Two Rand and Misato continued walking up the dirt road, taking them further and further from the village of Emond’s Field. As they trekked onwards toward his house, Rand – clearly curious about exactly what the Star League would want with him of all people – started asking Misato questions. “You said that you work for a ‘unique’ branch of the Star League military. Well, what’s its name? And more importantly, what does it do?” Misato smiled slightly, anticipating questions that Rand would have questions like this. “Well, I can’t tell you TOO much out here. But I can say that we’re called Nerv, and that we deal with various threats that the rest of the galaxy doesn’t even know about. Mostly involving various hostile aliens, or arcane matters that even the Asha’man can’t handle on their own.” Rand’s eyes widened at that particular statement. The Asha’man were human Channelers – people who could tap into a mysterious energy field known only as the One Power to perform feats that could easily be described as magic. Setting fires, conjuring storms, triggering earthquakes, and more were all abilities these men and women had at their disposal. His own world had its own organization of Channelers, the all-female Aes Sedai, but they used their powers almost solely for civilian purposes. The Asha’man, on the other hand, were solidly a military organization, as much as Starfleet, the MACOs, the Starfighter Corps, the Space Wolves and other so-called “Elemental” super-soldiers, and so on. “And… I take it that ‘hostile aliens’ doesn’t mean some slightly overeager Ferengi?” Rand asked jokingly. Misato laughed. “You’re right about that.” she said. “Tell me, aside from the Ferengi, how many non-human people have you met?” “Honestly… none.” Rand replied. “I’ve heard stories though, but a lot of them were probably exaggerated. Even so, I’ve always wanted to meet an Ogier.” Rand spoke of the race of tufted-eared giants, half again as tall as a human, who inhabited some of his homeworld’s more isolated regions. Misato nodded at his response. “Well, to give you a list of some of the alien races humanity has encountered, not counting the Ferengi, Ogier, or Trollocs – assuming you could call a human-animal hybrid an ‘alien’ – we’ve made official contact with the…” Misato took in a deep breath, knowing that even a ‘short’ list of known alien races would be a long one. “Klingons, Cardassians, Jaffa, Oranians, Unas, Bajorans, Asgard, Caitians, Nausicaans, Breen, Goa’uld, To’kra, Tau, Kroot, Vespid, Tholians, and…” Misato shuddered, as if recalling a particularly unpleasant memory. “Pakleds. And there are certainly even more out there. Some of these alien races are on good terms with humanity. Others, not so much. But even the ones on that list that hate our guts don’t concern Nerv.” Rand blinked, feeling a little bit uneasy. “They aren’t?” he asked, raising an eyebrow. “Nope.” Misato replied. “Because unfortunately, Nerv has bigger fish to fry. Like the Undine.” “Undine?” Rand asked, his feeling of unease only growing. “I’ll have to tell you more about them when we get to your home.” Misato said, narrowing her eyes. And the rest of those ‘bigger fish’ after you’ve been brought to Nerv-HQ. The Angels, along with whatever else in the Dead Sea Scrolls ends up being true. “Security reasons, you know. Can’t have any unwanted guests listening in.” Misato shook her head, and seemed to instantly regain her former perkiness. “So, how long is it to your home, anyway?” she asked. Rand, thoroughly disturbed both by the thought of aliens who not even Starfleet would deal with, and by the implications of Misato’s mentioning of “unwanted guests”, stumbled for a few seconds before he could answer her question. “Not far. Just a few hundred feet up that way. Ah, there it is!” As Rand said this, Misato squinted her eyes again, trying to get a better view in the glare of the afternoon sun. After roughly half a second, she saw it. A solitary farmhouse, resting on the edge of the forest known to the locals as the Westwood. In the fields around the house, a herd of sheep grazed, ignoring everything aside from the grass. A small apple orchard stood slightly closer to the house, while multiple rows of tobacco plants growing directly up against one of the walls soaked in the bright autumn sunlight. A single chestnut brown horse galloped around the field, with not a care in the world. Misato smiled at the sight, which reminded her of the countless picture books she’d had as a child. “Like stepping right into a painting.” she said, savoring the view. Taking a deep breath, Misato began walking forward again. “Now then, let’s get inside. We’ve got business to take care of.” ************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** As they opened the door and stepped inside, Misato got a good look at the place Rand called home. A table surrounded by four chairs stood in the middle of a room with a dirt floor. On top of the table lay some simple food – a loaf of bread, a wedge of cheese, some links of sausage, and a bowl full of apples. Next to the table sat several large bottles, the smell emanating from them revealing their contents to be home-made hard cider. Towards the window on the opposite side of the house, Misato noticed a still, surrounded by bottles of what she assumed to be apple brandy. Misato turned her head to face the fireplace and the shelf above it, on which rested three weapons. The first was a sword encased in a black scabbard, upon which a bronze heron was displayed. The second was a longbow, whose quiver full of arrows hung from a hook on the side of the shelf. The third, to her surprise, was seemingly the only piece of modern technology in the whole house – a plasma rifle, along with its power packs, almost certainly purchased from a Ferengi trader. Continuing her scan around the interior of Rand’s house, Misato found a step ladder that lead up through the ceiling to a second floor, a level whose contents she could only speculate, but guessed that it was either a bedroom or attic. Place is a lot nicer than I thought it’d be. Misato thought. At least, it’s neater than my own apartment. "Nice place you got." Misato said, finally voicing her thoughts. “You live here by yourself?” “No.” Rand replied. “Still live with my father. Someone has to help him ever since my mother died.” “Oh. I’m sorry.” Misato said. “Don’t be. She died eleven years ago.” Rand looked around the house, searching for his father. “Dad?” He called out. “DAD!?” “Hang on…” came a voice from upstairs. A few seconds later, the voice’s owner – Tamlin “Tam” al’Thor – climbed down the ladder linking the first and second floors of the small farmhouse. The large, gray-haired man straightened his shirt before facing his son. “Yes, Rand?” “We’ve got a guest from the Star League military. Dad… this is Colonel Katsu…. Katsur…” “Katsuragi.” Misato said. “Lieutenant Colonel Misato Katsuragi.” She extended her hand out to Tam. The middle-aged farmer extended his own hand and gave Misato’s a hearty shake. “So!” He said, letting go. “What brings a colonel to our humble little village? Looking for troops?” “Something like that…” Misato began, reaching into one of her coat pockets. “Well, more like a single troop. Specifically, Rand.” Rand and Tam exchanged a confused look. Misato sighed. She pulled out a small device from the pocket in question, and placed it on the table. “What I’m about to say is highly classified. It does not, I repeat, does NOT leave this house, understood?” Rand and Tam both nodded. “Computer.” Misato began. “Display all available data on the Undine. Authorization: Katsuragi Four-Seven Alpha Tango.” “Stand by for Retinal Scan.” the feminine, computerized voice said. A beam of light shot out of the small device, beginning the process of mapping the blood vessels of Misato’s left eye. As the blood vessels were scanned, the internal computer began comparing it to the previously recorded retinal data. 99.999999999999999472% match. Well within acceptable deviations. “Access granted.” the computer replied. “Welcome back, Colonel Katsuragi.” Misato sighed, knowing that this was going to be a long briefing. “Six months ago…” she began. “Humanity came into contact with a previously unknown race. A race we now know as the Undine. And to say that they’ve got the top brass panicking is perhaps the understatement of the past few centuries.” Misato pressed a small button on the device, and a holographic image of an alien creature emerged. The… thing was nothing short of hideous. Three legs, which ended in digitigrade feet, supporting a vaguely humanoid torso, from which two long, spindly arms also emerged. Instead of a single neck, the creature had three muscular strands which connected its head to its torso. And the alien’s head itself only served to heighten the sense of other-ness. The eyes especially. Piercing, with their cruciform pupils, they seemed to gaze directly into one’s soul, all the while revealing a malevolence that knew no bounds. These eyes sat above two elongated nostrils, which in turn rested above a small, almost vestigial mouth. “That’s… an Undine?” Rand asked, visibly disturbed just from the holographic image. “Unfortunately, yes.” Misato replied. “And to make matters worse, each Undine is about as tall as an Ogier – about three meters, or ten feet. And they’re mind-readers.” The look on Rand’s face changed from one of “mere” disturbance to utter horror. To think that this creature would be able to probe into one’s thoughts, and could know everything about you in mere seconds. “And… and the reason you’re showing me this is….?” Rand began, almost certainly knowing the answer to this question. “The reason I’m showing you this is that, out of all the people in the Star League, you’re one of the few who can operate a newly-designed weapon capable of fighting the Undine, should they decide to openly attack.” Misato replied. “And…” she began. “If you’re wondering how we know that you’re one of the few people who can use this weapon, well…. I’m not at liberty to talk about that. At least, not outside Nerv-HQ.” she said. Not if I don’t want my head to be served to Commander Ikari on a plate. Rand mentally went over what Misato said. After a few seconds, he started chuckling. “Well then, looks like I don’t really have much of a choice.” he said, a weak smile on his face. “When do I start?”
  12. Fluidus Potentia Evangelion Chapter One “So.” Captain Kathryn Janeway began as she put down the coffee mug and faced the younger woman who stood on the opposite side of the office. “Are you positive that he’s the one we want?” “Completely.” the younger woman – Lieutenant Colonel Misato Katsuragi – replied. “We’ve done every test in the book, and the bio-neural circuitry of Unit-07 will respond to him and him alone. At least, that’s what the Magi supercomputers say.” Misato paused, watching as Janeway picked her coffee up again and took another sip, the look on the older woman’s face just screaming ‘go on’. “And besides, despite his homeworld’s literally medieval level of technology, it IS still a Star League planet, and it’s not like they haven’t had contact with off-worlders before. Last I checked, Ferengi merchants visit this world all the time.” “Point taken.” Janeway said with a slight chuckle. “Now, how do you propose to break this news to him?” “The usual way. I’ll mention something about him being needed for a top-secret Star League project, as well as a few things here and there about the Undine threat. Nothing he doesn’t need to know.” Misato replied. At least, nothing he doesn’t need to know about right now. The Undine I can talk about with select Star League citizens, but the Children of Adam – aka the Angels? No way in hell. Not outside Nerv-HQ, at least. Janeway seemed to accept this plan, and nodded. “Well then, I see no reason to delay you. You’d better hurry, if you want to make it to your appointment on time.” “Heh. Right.” Misato said, racing towards the office exit. The automatic door slid open, and she bolted across the bridge towards the turbolift. The turbolift’s doors opened up, and she walked through them into the elevator in question. “Deck Five.” Almost instantly, the turbolift began racing towards its destination. Misato sighed. Okay. She thought. I know that at twenty, he’s technically an adult, but it still doesn’t seem fair. If only people born before the Eden Incident could pilot one of those things. She sighed again. Hell, even the Katos IV negotiations are less of a burden than doing that, considering some of the things he’ll have to fight. Him and the other pilots. She chuckled at that thought. To think that resolving a dispute over a world simultaneously claimed by the Klingon and Tau Empires would be tame compared to something. That wasn’t a thought many people had. The turbolift doors opened to reveal a hallway indistinguishable from the hundreds of others like it on both the UNSS Voyager and on every other Intrepid-class starship in the United Nations Star League Starfleet. Misato quickly walked out of the turbolift and through the hall to her final destination – a room with the words “TRANSPORTER ROOM 04” written on its doors. Misato took another deep breath, before stepping forward into the room. As she stepped forward, the doors automatically opened, revealing a young man wearing an ensign’s uniform standing at the transporter’s control panel. The man turned to her and smiled. “All ready to beam down, Colonel?” he asked. “As ready as I’ll ever be.” Misato replied, her hand instinctively reaching into her coat pocket. Feeling her tetryon pistol secure in her hand, she smiled, relieved that she wouldn’t have to rush around looking for it this time. “Alright.” she began. “Energize.” ************************************************************************************************************************************************* Rand al'Thor brought the axe down onto the block of wood, splitting it in two instantly. As the two halves went flying, Rand paused for a moment to take in the sight of the early autumn afternoon. The leaves, which had until a few days ago been green, now sported a dazzling array of colors – red, gold, orange, brown, and even purple if one knew which plants to look for. These colors, contrasted against the always-green grass and conifers and the sapphire blue sky, made it appear as if a rainbow had exploded onto a painting of a landscape. To think that only a few days ago it had been summer, and now the holiday of Danshu was only a few weeks away. The thought of that brought a slight smile to Rand’s face, as memories of previous Danshu celebrations worked their way up from the depths of his mind. There’d be feasting and drinking, peddlers and Gleemen bringing tales and trinkets from other lands, Ferengi merchants and on-leave Space Wolves bringing their tales and trinkets from other planets, among other merriment. Rand grabbed a second block of wood, and prepared to bring the axe down again, when a shimmer of light in the corner of his eye caught his attention. He turned around instantly to see the light begin to take a distinctly humanoid shape. A transporter beam? He thought. Has to be either the Ferengi or the Space Wolves. They’re the only ones who visit here like that. Much to his surprise, the person who materialized was neither. Instead, he found himself looking at a strikingly beautiful woman with waist-length raven black hair clad in a red jacket and black dress that didn’t even come halfway down her thighs. “Rand al’Thor?” the woman asked. “Uh, yeah, that’s me.” Rand said, verbally stumbling for a few seconds. The woman smiled as she heard him say that. “And you are…?” “Lieutenant Colonel Misato Katsuragi.” she replied. “I represent a rather… unique… branch of the Star League military.” She paused, and took a few looks around, seeing if anyone nearby was listening in. Despite that not being the case, she looked back at Rand with a slightly worried look on her face. “Maybe we should discuss this somewhere more private. Inside your house, maybe? Can’t be too careful. Ya never know who could be listening.” “Um, sure.” Rand replied, taking the lead on the path towards his home. “It’s right up this way.” “Thank you!” Misato said, her smile returning as she began to follow him. “Sorry for interrupting your chores, but this is an urgent matter.” “No worries.” Rand said. So, a Star League Colonel of all people just beams in, wants to talk to me about something they insist is ‘urgent’, and most of all, wants to talk about it in private? He thought. This day just got much more interesting.
  13. "Black Smoke Over Blue Water"

    (Lucius rolls a 2 on Listen roll, 4 on Sight roll modified to a 2...he's feeling too good to spot jack) Lucius finished updating his blog, put away his laptop, and put on his jacket and wool pea coat for the expected night chill. He went to the shift meeting, picked up his web belts, weapon, ammo and other gear. As he got to his assigned area on the port side of the Green Whale, he turned up the collar on his pea coat, rubbed his hands together, and grinned. "Ah, fog. Reminds me of when I was growin' up in Chicago. That icy fog would come in off Lake Michigan, chill me to mah bones." He wore his web gear over the wool coat, his M4 slung over one shoulder. Clipped onto the Picatinny rail on the M4 was a thermal sight, but not wearing NVGs, he'd have to look through it to have night vision. But not hearing or seeing anything suspicious, he was at ease. Too much at ease...
  14. "Black Smoke Over Blue Water"

    (At Ikaika and Krevin: Well the to pass the site roll, you need to get a 8 or higher.)
  15. "Black Smoke Over Blue Water"

    ((Good timing, I'm going to Kauai for a week tomorrow with questionable cell service and more than likely only public wifi)) ((d10 got a 9 and 4, I'm assuming the first roll was my hearing so it'd be 9 and 2.)) Henry was walking near the middle of the ship on the port side. The fog would roll in, "Shit..." he adjusted his mic to be closer to his mouth, as he pulled one of the headphones off his ear. "This is Henry, shit's getting pretty thick out here. Over." He would turn towards the ocean as he heard a noise, keying his mic, "This is Henry again, I'm midships portside on the deck, just heard a noise coming off the ocean. Anyone else hear it?"
  16. "Black Smoke Over Blue Water"

    (OC: So basically the idiot was the only who passed? God help us all! XD ) "Never thought I'd miss the freaking desert" Jake grumbles to himself, feeling a chill cutting to his bones as the fog rolls in over the sea. Walking along the ship, cupping his hand in front of his face to blow into it, as he gazes out into an unsettling thick fog. Admittedly, being his first time out on the sea like this, any fog would likely look unsettling. But he sees not point in admitting that. Lowering his hand he replaces his chewed on matchstick he still stubbornly believes makes him look cool. "All I'd need now is a talking great dane and some crooked real estate developers dressed as pirate ghosts and I'll be all set." Steps to the edge of the ship peering through the fog straining to see anything. A strange noise sounding from somewhere through the pea soup catching his attention. (It was just a 2 point penalty for sight, correct? Hearing was unmodified? Hearing: 3 Sight(With Modifier): 1 (I think my character just went blind! XD) )
  17. "Black Smoke Over Blue Water"

    ( looks like Krevin is the only one that got a pass. PM you what you notice ass for the rest of the players you don't see anything odd. The game will times get into the night shift around 0100 hours.) https://youtu.be/1jrVfotohYI When your shift starts, the Green Whale is sailing away from the Persian Gulf into the Arabian Sea. About three hours into your shift a fog that is so thick that you can only see 10 feet in front of you, unless you have a thermal viewing device. Adam has one on his LMT MWS. unfortunately the battery and the device seemed to be a dud. The former Marine radio in and went down below to get a new one. Some of you can hear him grumbling and cursing as she goes down the steps. “Piss! Shit! Mother fucker! I should have check the bloody batters before this!” Only the Dennis and Hannu who are monitoring the cameras in the bridge can see past fog with some decent clarity. Those of you we're patrolling the deck can hear a odd sound coming both the port and starboard sides from the water.( Do a listen roll and a sight roll with +2 penalty save for the player in the bridge )
  18. Da Orks (WH40K) vs System Lords (SG-1)

    Heh. You just now when this first happens some cocky Goa'uld like Heru'ur is going to lead a phalanx or two of Jaffa through the stargate to banish these "demons" only to be ripped to shreds by a Deff Dread. XD I would be curious to see what the Goa'uld could accomplish if given a sharp kick in the ass. I mean for the most part during their Empire the Goa'uld haven't really needed a ground army ruling virtually unopposed over human populations kept as primitive as possible. And the Asgard obviously are neither interested in nor truly capable of meaningful ground combat. But the basic technologies exist that they could build a halfway decent combat vehicle at least as far as sci-fi forces go. Hell the basic technology of a staff weapon could put a lasgun to shame in terms of reliability and endurance. I remember reading a fanfic once where it gave the Goa'uld a death glider like tank. I could see them doing something like that in this scenario, provided they stay alive long enough. I wouldn't say that. They might blow themselves up fiddling with it. That's a, relatively, good thing. Provided you aren't too close. XD
  19. Grinning, Dennis began singing on his way to his cabin, adopting a passable false Irish accent along the way. What do we do with a drunken sailor? What do we do with a drunken sailor? What do we do with a drunken sailor Early in the morning? Way-hay and up she rises! Way-hay and up she rises! Way-hay and up she rises Early in the morning! Shave his belly with a rusty razor Shave his belly with a rusty razor Shave his belly with a rusty razor Early in the morning! Way-hay and up she rises! Way-hay and up she rises! Way-hay and up she rises Early in the morning! Stick him in a long boat 'til he's sober Stick him in a long boat 'til he's sober Stick him in a long boat 'til he's sober Early in the morning! Way-hay and up she rises! Way-hay and up she rises! Way-hay and up she rises Early in the morning! Stick him in a barrel with a hose-pipe on him Stick him in a barrel with a hose-pipe on him Stick him in a barrel with a hose-pipe on him Early in the morning! Way-hay and up she rises! Way-hay and up she rises! Way-hay and up she rises Early in the morning! Put him in the bed with the captain's daughter Put him in the bed with the captain's daughter Put him in the bed with the captain's daughter Early in the morning! That's what we do with a drunken sailor! That's what we do with a drunken sailor! That's what we do with a drunken sailor Early in the morning! Way-hay and up she rises! Way-hay and up she rises! Way-hay and up she rises Early in the morning! (Rolled a 1d10. Got a 1.)
  20. "Black Smoke Over Blue Water"

    (I rolled a 4) Lucius is half listening to Dennis and Adam discuss their musical prowess. He chuckled as he said, "Yeah, sure man...here's a little ditty, of a man named Smitty, who had joined the Navy, got hit by a wave-y, he yelled out "what the hell", as overboard he fell, then he met a mermaid, who gave him some Kool-Aid..." He grinned broadly. "Y'all better do it, my singin' is foul, just foul..." The burly bald man made his way to his assigned cabin. "Alrighty then," he said as he set his sea bag on his rack, took out his antiquated laptop and power supply, set it up and logged onto the ship's wifi. Stowing the sea bag under his rack, he sat down on the mattress, put the computer in a comfortable position (where the exhaust wasn't burning blisters on his thighs) and fired up his journal app. Checking his watch, he began to write. "Day one...trip to the ship was uneventful...have settled into my space and started writing in my 'log'...several hours until we muster for our shift...hope everyone back home are doing okay..." His background as a reporter began to reveal itself as he went into details about his day, his long fingers tap-tapping away.
  21. Oh, and it turns out, JewWario was a sexual predator. Yeahh......
  22. Okay. This thread will be where I upload stuff regarding tech for the planned "Revitalization Story", where we basically do what TFC did, but with less fur. First, we'll cover the classes of starship used by each faction: Trek Wars Fleets - Federation.docx Trek Wars Fleets - Klingon.docx Trek Wars Fleets - Romulan.docx Trek Wars Fleets - Cardassian.docx Trek Wars Fleets - Ferengi.docx Trek Wars Fleets - New Republic.docx Trek Wars Fleets - Resistance.docx Trek Wars Fleets - Chiss.docx Trek Wars Fleets - First Order.docx Trek Wars Fleets - Tal Shiar.docx Trek Wars Fleets - True Way.docx Trek Wars Fleets - Borg.docx Trek Wars Fleets - Free Borg.docx Trek Wars Fleets - Dominion.docx Trek Wars Fleets - Breen.docx Trek Wars Fleets - Tholian.docx Trek Wars Fleets - Hapan.docx Trek Wars Fleets - Civilian.docx Technical analyses of the weapons used by the various factions in the two galaxies: Trek Wars Weapons - Phasers.docx Trek Wars Weapons - Turbolasers.docx Trek Wars Weapons - Photon Torpedoes.docx Trek Wars Weapons - Proton Torpedoes.docx Trek Wars Weapons - Disruptors.docx Trek Wars Weapons - Ion Cannons.docx Trek Wars Weapons - Quantum Torpedoes.docx Trek Wars Weapons - Concussion Missiles.docx Trek Wars Weapons - Phased Polaron Cannons.docx Trek Wars Weapons - Tetryon Cannons.docx Trek Wars Weapons - Tricobalt Warheads.docx Trek Wars Weapons - Plasma Cannons.docx Trek Wars Weapons - Other.docx Next up, we'll start with defensive tech (Deflector Shields completed, still need time for Cloaking Devices): Trek Wars Defenses - Deflector Shields.docx After that, I'll move on to sublight propulsion methods, FTL propulsion methods, power sources, hand-held weapons, and medical tech. And then after the tech stuff is done, I'll do a species compilation, a faction compilation, a world compilation, and then we'll begin the character creation. This is the result of over a decade's worth of research into these fields. We should really compile all these into a wiki when we're done. Oh, and be sure to read these in "Editing Mode". For some reason, reading them in "Safe Mode" makes 'em a little wonky.
  23. Da Orks (WH40K) vs System Lords (SG-1)

    Oh God, I just had the mental image of the Orks looting a naquadah generator. Only bad things can result if THAT happens.
  24. This a response to Brian's new criteria video, specifically the section on (as the title suggests) ship-to-ship combat, and a couple of statements in particular. Wrong. Completely and utterly wrong. Even before we start to consider the fact that the term "capital ship" would be more appropriate, given the shift from the battleship to the aircraft carrier as the primary instrument of naval power, the following actions were fought between battleships and/or battlecruisers during WW2: Off Lofoten, 9 April 1940 - Scharnhorst and Gneisenau (32,000 tons, nine 11" guns) vs HMS Renown (36,000 tons, six 15" guns) Off Calabria, 9 July 1940 - Giulio Cesare (29,000 tons, ten 12.6" guns) vs HMS Warspite (31,000 tons, eight 15" guns). Denmark Strait, 24 May 1941 - Bismarck (42,000 tons, eight 15" guns) vs HMS Hood (47,000 tons, eight 15" guns) and HMS Prince of Wales (35,000 tons, ten 14" guns) Sinking of the Bismarck, 27 May 1941 - Bismarck (42,000 tons, eight 15" guns) vs HMS King George V (35,000 tons, ten 14" guns) and HMS Rodney (34,000 tons, nine 16" guns) Guadalcanal, 14-15 November 1942 - Kirishima (37,000 tons, eight 14" guns) vs USS South Dakota (35,000 tons, nine 16" guns) and USS Washington (35,000 tons, nine 16" guns) North Cape, 26 December 1943 - Scharnhorst (32,000 tons, nine 11" guns) vs HMS Duke of York (35,000 tons, ten 14" guns) Surigao Strait, 25 October 1944 - Yamashiro (29,000 tons, twelve 14" guns) vs USS West Virginia (32,000 tons, eight 16" guns), USS Maryland (32,000 tons, eight 16" guns), USS Mississippi (32,000 tons, twelve 14" guns), USS Tennessee (33,000 tons, twelve 14" guns), USS California (33,000 tons, twelve 14" guns), and USS Pennsylvania (32,000 tons, twelve 14" guns) Again, wrong. The last ship-to-ship action to have a decisive impact on a major war was the Battle of Burwood Bank, on 2 May 1982. By sinking ARA General Belgrano, HMS Conqueror induced the entire Argentine navy to retreat to its home waters, where it stayed for the duration of the Falklands War. Had it not done so, the risk of attack by the Belgrano and/or the carrier ARA Veinticinco de Mayo would have forced the British task force to remain well to the east of the Falkland Islands, preventing the landing of ground forces to liberate the islands. Likewise, during WW2 the critical battle in the western theatre was the Battle of the Atlantic - even 50 million Shermans would have been incapable of beating a single Tiger if the Shermans were all sat on the bottom of the ocean. At times, even with the advantage of US industrial capacity, the U-boats came close to winning the battle. It wasn't until the start of June 1943, only a year before D-Day, that losses had dropped sufficiently that the allies considered it safe to begin a major build-up of forces in the UK in preparation for the invasion of the continent. This demonstrates the reason that ship-to-ship combat is the third most important factor in an interstellar (or transoceanic) war, behind only industrial capacity and strategic mobility (Brian combines these two factors under the category "logistics", but I feel that they're sufficiently different in nature and individually important that they deserve to be treated separately). Ground forces, regardless of their qualities, are utterly useless until they get on the ground, and are utterly useless if they run out of supplies. In order to get on ground, and to be resupplied, they have to to be confident that the enemy's naval forces will not interfere, which requires friendly naval forces to be decisively superior in fighting power. If this prerequisite cannot be obtained through superior industrial capacity or strategic mobility, it must be obtained through individual superiority in ship-to-ship action.
  25. Da Orks (WH40K) vs System Lords (SG-1)

    Oh good Lord. Well, the Goa'uld are going to have to make RAPID advances in ground warfare, or they'll get steamrolled FAST. Their best hope might be orbital bombardment, or to let Anubis use the Eye of Ra to blow up whatever planet this WAAAGH! landed on.
  26. "Black Smoke Over Blue Water"

    ((I rolled a 2...)) Herny would chuckle, continuing with the joke, "And? You can bring him and the kid along too, kids still like ice cream right? We can all go clamming up at Uhmmsaid." He turned to Brain, "I might have glanced over the briefing rather than read it in full. We gonna be training these guys too or is it just overwatch? I'm mean I'm up for training these guys on how not to get shot by us or pirates but you know I only speak Boston and English as a second language." He said joking around a little before boarding. "I know a few, anyone else know 'Old Maui'?" He asked as they started talking about other songs. "I ever tell you guys I got some French to go with the Irish? Shame gramie never taught me or my dad how to speak it." He would shake the captain's hand firmly as he got onboard, "Good to meet ya, hopefully there won't be a need for us on this trip." Once he got on board and to his bunk he'd stash his bag, pulling out a headset/ear protection and a beat up ipod, along with an old blue beret from his Airforce days. He'd put the beret on and then the headset, plugging the Ipod into it before selecting 'Moonlight Sonata'. He walked out and started to do a few laps around the ship, starting with the top of the bridge and working his way down, making sure to stay out of the way of the crew.
  27. Da Orks (WH40K) vs System Lords (SG-1)

    My first Versus post here. Hopefully this hasn't been done too much to death, a quick use of the search function didn't seem to turn anything up, so here it goes. All people know and fear the alliance of the System Lords. They are the undisputed, if hedonistic masters of the Milk Way Galaxy. Ruling over it with an iron fist their only challenge for millennia has been the enigmatic, extra-galactic Asgard and their own petty squabbling as various Lords battle for possession of individual worlds and prestige. But all of this changes when above a distant world on the edges of Goa'uld's domain the very fabric of space ruptures open in agonized screams vomiting forth murderous denizens waylaid through the Warp. Or perhaps it was the divine will of Gork and Mork to transport them to a new, virgin galaxy full of things to kromp! The Roks' exteriors still sizzling with rentry heat as they crash down into the world shattering entire cities like the wraith of Gork and Mork themselves and disgorging thousands of violent, screaming Orks on a panicked, scrambling world. A handful of survivors escaping through the Chappa'ai bring word of the terrible demons now free to plague the galaxy. The question is can teh System Lords' will prevail and repulse this incursion or shall the tide of the galaxy turn green? Ork forces are a "modest Waaagh" of only about ten million initial vanilla-flavored Orks with standard, to the extent that word has any meaning to this race, kit and equipment. Space forces are a dozen Savage and Onslaught attack ships, twice that many Roks, heavily armed and crude spaceships made out of asteroids, and three killkroozers. In addition to all the transports, boarding ships and fighta-bommers such a force would normally have. Flavor #1 for the Goa'uld forces is bog standard System Lords led by Lord Yu with all the cooperation, or lack thereof, that implies. Timeline is post-movie so Ra's dead but otherwise before mankind start whittling down the System Lords. Flavor #2 has them led under Anubis with all of his tech. In this scenario all Goa'uld are slavishly devoted to Anubis. Flavor #3 is the above but we replace Anubis with magnificent bastard Ba'al. So, can System Lords win this or will a new "Kouncil of Da Bossz" arise over their ashes?
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