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    Horror/Ship security RPG

    Alright, wasn't sure. Now another question, G36 or G36K?
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    Fair enough, although to be fair to the GG, it was one of the first, if not the first of that seemingly-endless string of increasingly-silly plot devices, and one of the more plausible and interesting. It certainly wasn't as bad as the Sun Crusher.
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    Horror/Ship security RPG

    It's just that that trope is a personal favorite of mine. Especially if the characters find themselves in the crossfire between the demons and the eldritch abominations.
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    My brother wants to keep things simple, and prevent the number of elements from spiraling out of control. He's doing seven elements at the most, so I'm not entirely sure what he's got planned. I'll ask him tomorrow after work.
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    I think keeping plant-based spells under Wood (a living thing that can be manipulated after it's dead) and metal-based spells under Metal (a mineral separate from Earth that is never alive but can flow like a liquid if heated, unlike earth which mixes readily with water, whereas metal doesn't fully mix with water, or something something etc.) is best ^^; So, what about flesh-based spells like transformation/size change/healing/blood/bone/organs like eyes and ears, etc.? Blood can be the rare mix of Water and Metal (iron), but a simple Enlarge/growth spell would involve flesh, bone, blood, organs, the whole gamut working in concert to increase a creature's size (may also involve Spirit) Also, how would Light and Darkness be classified? I can imagine Light being a subset of Fire (even cold chemical light like fireflies), and perhaps Darkness too (absence of light, plus ashes/soot being a product of Fire)? I dunno... Finally, electricity (lightning bolt, chain lightning, St. Elmo's Fire, etc.) could be a subset of Fire I suppose, although the way it travels through Metal is unique (fire could use metal as a conductor, as in heating one end of a piece of metal, but it's not as efficient as electricity). Also, electricity can melt metal if hot enough, so definitely related to Fire there. Yet, electricity not only burns flesh, but causes paralysis by shorting the nervous system. An active nervous system is a required in most forms of life, therefore one could extrapolate that life is a subset of Fire, therefore Raise Dead/Resurrection type of thing might be related to "restoring the fire of life"?
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    Well, ever since "Rebels" began reintroducing various things to canon (Interdictor Cruisers, TIE Defenders, Grand Admiral Thrawn, etc), I've been wondering what else will make it back into canon. Well, in this thread, we'll list the things we want to see return to Star Wars canon. I'll start. 1: E-Wing, K-Wing, and maybe T-Wing starfighters. Just because I've always liked the E-Wing and K-Wing. 2: Metal-Crystal Phase-Shifters. Always liked that weapon, was unique compared to the other weapons in SW. 3: The Yuuzhan Vong. Okay, I'm probably in the minority here, but I feel that if they were revamped (and the pointlessly "edgy" aspects dropped), the Yuuzhan Vong would make a great addition to the new SW canon. That, and they were originally supposed to appear in TCW. 4: Mara Jade. 5: Gilad Pellaeon. Now, this is going to make me seem like a Turbo-Heretic, but, since I never played the KOTOR games... I honestly don't care all that much if Revan returns to canon or not. There are also a few things that I really wish would remain Non-Canon. Namely, the Sun King, Snow King, Leaf Queen, Flower Queen, and Season Scepter from the "Ewoks" cartoon. Traviss' Mandalorian-fangirling can also remain in "Legends". So can Jaxxon. And Daala. And the Galaxy Gun, World Devastators, Sun Crusher, and whatever other superweapons Palpatine kept pulling out of his ass. And C-3PX. And IG-88's plan to upload himself into the second Death Star's computer core. And the "Legacy of the Force" series. And... screw it, 95% of everything in Legends.
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    Horror/Ship security RPG

    I don't know if I want to using that trope. There are going to be some NPCs(And my PCs if there unlucky enough) that are going to think the monsters are angels or demons. I don't want to revile too much about whats going to happen since you might want to play. Edite: And here is a Trope you might want to read. http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/PrivateMilitaryContractors
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    Actually splitting it up like that was my brother's idea, not mine.
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    Dominion War Tribute Video

    Star Trek DS9 Dominion War.mp4