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      Tilly is a meme character. CONFIRMED AS CANON. Like we didn't already fucking know this from literally the first episode.


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    The reason is simple. I was dissatisfied with the way the early chapters were handled (them being so short was but part of the problem - compared to the later chapters, the writing was abysmal), so, as I mentioned on Starfleet Jedi, I'm completely redoing the fanfic. Another reason is that it just felt... well... incomplete, universe-wise. Some races I would've liked to use somehow were dropped, some elements were added that contradicted each other, and overall, I felt it was a mess. The fact that I had no idea what I was doing, and thus, was making it up as I went along was just icing on the cake. Now though? I have a much better plan of what I want to do with this, and have ideas to make it run smoother. The fact that my writing is infinitely better than it was in 2011 is simply a bonus. So, coming soon, we'll see the FPE reboot, "Fluidus Potentia Evangelion" (first chapter already on Starfleet Jedi's forums).
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    A different sort of match than usual. In this match, Quark - the Ferengi bartender from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - and Mr. Krabs - SpongeBob's boss, and owner of the Krusty Krab - set up business in the same town. However, this town isn't big enough for the two of them, so, they each scheme to drive the other out of business. Now then, which of them pulls this off?
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    I don't know if I want to using that trope. There are going to be some NPCs(And my PCs if there unlucky enough) that are going to think the monsters are angels or demons. I don't want to revile too much about whats going to happen since you might want to play. Edite: And here is a Trope you might want to read. http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/PrivateMilitaryContractors
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    A while ago, I had plans for a "Frollo Show"-style video series called "The Wacky Misadventures of Jack Sparrow", wherein Jack Sparrow would go around looking for cash, teaming up with and/or pissing off various characters from other works. Unfortunately, these plans fell through. However, I was able to make an "Animal House"-style epilogue video, detailing what happened to the characters who would've survived the final battle. And who knows. Maybe someone with the right skills will pick up on this, and "The Wacky Misadventures of Jack Sparrow" will live again. Anyway, here's the video: Epilogue.mp4
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    Hi everybody, it has been a while, I stay pretty busy. But I thought some of you may be interested in the newest video, which deals with Imperial planetary bombardment, as seen in Rebels season 3. http://www.scifights.net/zerohour.mp4
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    Tribbles. They born pregnant and will quickly swallow the island in fur. There seems to be very few if any natural predators for Porgs, so unless the porgs get wise and roll the little fuckers into the ocean to be munched on by big fish they're gonna lose. I don't think Chewie can make enough Tribble Stew and Tribble Sausage to hold back the tide. And then the Klingons will show up and put a blockade around the planet and send down eradication teams, then one will report what the found to the High Council, and then we'll have Klingon Force users. WHY! WHY ROB!? WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS?!
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    Okay guys I'm trying to set up the settings for my next RP. It's going to be a sort of military/PMC sort of game with horror elements tied into it. So what should I add or take away?
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    Here are all the planets orbiting other stars that have received proper names, listed by what star they orbit: 14 Andromedae - Spe 18 Delphini - Arion 41 Lyncis - Arkas 42 Draconis - Orbitar 47 Ursae Majoris - Taphao Thong - Taphao Kaew 51 Pegasi - Dimidium 55 Cancri - Janssen - Galileo - Brahe - Harriot - Lipperhey Epsilon Eridani - Aegir Epsilon Tauri - Amateru Fomalhaut - Dagon Gamma Cephei A - Tadmor HD 104985 - Meztli HD 149026 - Smertios HD 209458 - Osiris Iota Draconis - Hypatia Mu Arae - Dulcinea - Rocinante - Quijote - Sancho Pollux - Thestias PSR B1257+12 - Draugr - Poltergeist - Phobetor PSR B1620-26 - Methuselah Upsilon Andromedae - Saffar - Samh - Majriti Xi Aquilae - Fortitudo
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    I know, it was between a heavily customized AR15, or an 'off the shelf' G36/K with a STANAG insert in the magwell, standard reflex sight and scope combo, and laser/light combo. That and replacing the standard knife with a bayonet. Was just trying to decide between the rifle or carbine. I'd think the rifle would have more range and accuracy for taking down pirates before they get to the boat, while the carbine would be better for if they actually get onboard the ship. These are the things a merc needs to think about after all.
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    Alright, wasn't sure. Now another question, G36 or G36K?
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    Alright, now come the elves. Standard three sub-races: high elf, dark elf, and wood elf. Culturally, the high elves are based off of the Byzantine Empire (especially the part where they used to rule a massive empire, but now control only one island). The wood elves are mostly based on the Celts (surprise, surprise), and are the elves who get along best with humanity and other races - the main wood elf kingdom is located in the far west, just to the north of the Lokawe tribe lands, but quite a few also live in Sturmheim. And finally, the dark elves. Might be standard-issue "edgy" elves, might be something different. Still don't know yet. As for the elves' appearances, well, they more or less have standard elvish appearance (pointed ears, lithe, about six feet tall), but with some variations. High elves: Fair-skinned, with blue eyes, and either red, white, or yellow/blonde hair. Wood elves: Olive-skinned, with green or brown eyes, and green or brown hair. Dark elves: Bluish-gray-skinned, with red eyes, and blue, purple, or black hair. Next up, the dwarfs!
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    OK I just edited the rules.
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    Fair enough, although to be fair to the GG, it was one of the first, if not the first of that seemingly-endless string of increasingly-silly plot devices, and one of the more plausible and interesting. It certainly wasn't as bad as the Sun Crusher.
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    It's just that that trope is a personal favorite of mine. Especially if the characters find themselves in the crossfire between the demons and the eldritch abominations.
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    What's up peeps?! This is Fox, out of marketing mode and initiating warmfriendlychat.exe. Do you have any questions, comments or suggestions? What games would you like for us to see in the future? What kind of content would like enjoy? Hit me up, and I will do my best to answer! If you want to talk to one of our other producers, Jackalynn will be along later to post some of her own projects. Let me know what you think!
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    That could work out for a lot of things. OvN Star Wars (West End vs WoTC), OvN Cyberpunk, OvN D&D... I like that.
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    Review some WhiteWolf. "Hunter the Vigil" would be a cool review. Or maybe NWoD vs. OWoD?
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    (Well, setting up this game took longer than I expected it to. Trying to figure out the plot and rules and other details was a bit tough. I just have to add two things to the rules. First, someone told me that the guards would normally only be armed with non-lethal weapons like a baton and/or a taser. The only time you will be carrying your guns will be up top on the deck and in the bridge. The lethal weapons will be in a locker with a retina scanner. The second thing is that your PCs can get killed or seriously injured. Don't get too worried, it's not going to be a meat grinder or anything like that. I want you to win. I just want to put in a risk factor. Okay, let's start this game that I call "Black Smoke Over Blue Water") https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S_B2h_rMTK8 Early morning, the cold of the Arabian night was giving way to the dry heat of the desert sun. The sun was already warming up the 25 miles of black highway that connects the Qatari capital of Doha to the Umm Said industrial area. A column of five vans are heading down this road. A common sight to see, which is a good thing for the contractors of Clear Water. Even though Qatar is far from the hell holes of Afghanistan and Iraq, it helps to be discreet, especially since the country just gained its trust back with its Arabian neighbors. Maxergy was one of the first foreign oil companies to take advantage of the lift of the embargo. And Maxergy need it since they had one of there ships got damaged and another they have to pay a ransom in secret. Maxergy was one of the first foreign oil companies to take advantage of the lift of the embargo. And Maxergy needed to, since one of their ships had been damaged by pirates, and they had to pay a ransom in secret for another. You are riding in a van with your coworkers, waiting to arrive at your destination. Murtada Asim, one of the riflemen and former sailor of the Royal Jordanian Navy, is trying his best to get more sleep, but the occasional bump in the pavement kept waking him up, making him mutter in Arabic. Another rifleman, or should we say woman, a former Brazilian Highway Policewoman named Andreia Silvia, is taking pictures of the scenery and typing on her smartphone. A British Marine named Adam Baker, who is the designated marksman, is listening to what sounded like trip-hop on his phone. The machine gunner, a big Polish man called Marek Eliasz, is reading "Cell" from Stephen King. Judging by the look on his face, he doesn't look like he's enjoying the story. And finally Hannu Tommi, who worked for Finnish Security Intelligence Service as a surveillance equipment technician, was just staring out the window. What do you do to pass the time until you arrive at the ship?
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    I think it's hard to compare non Star Wars/Trek sci fi to either. Movies, books, videogames and more have been made for both, you can tell me which company made the cannons on a an X-Wing, can you tell me the same for the Arwing? You can tell me the armor thickness of a Yellowstone Class, can you tell me the same of the Protoss Scout? There's so much cannon and 'possible' readouts for Trek?Wars. Starfox and Starcraft has a couple of video games, Starcraft might have some cannon books? We can apply Science to Wars and Trek (more so to Trek, let's face it). We can look up at least the potential energy output for weapons in the Star Wars/Trek, where as if you do some digging 'The Protoss Scout does 7 DPS to air targets.' How do you translate as something as vague as 'damage per second' into something more sciency?
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    Lucius nodded to Jake, and glanced at Henry, Dennis and Marek as he said, "Yeah, man, first cruise with Clear Water was on a container ship off the horn of Africa, and it was smooth like butter. Nothing like A-stan. See, the way I see it, you might be able to sneak up in some quiet ass boat, but now you've got a fifty foot vertical wall of wet metal to climb just to get on board a ship, and while you're movin' at cruisin' speed. Out in open water, the waves be slappin' you silly, and if you fall in, there's a pair of twenty foot diameter Cuisinarts astern trying to suck you in and puree you. I say, Mistuh Pirate, you give it your best shot. You make it up to the railing, and we'll give YOU our best shots, right in center mass." He raised his beefy hands mimicking holding a rifle, and made a *pow* sound as his arms bucked, pretending to take a shot. "Then you fall overboard and get sliced and diced. Chump becomes chum." He flashed his bright toothy smile, which disappeared as he added, "Yeah, not like A-stan."
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    More like the Failwind.
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    Dennis Werner - a tall man of mixed German and Native American descent, as well as the night supervisor - sat in the back of the van, reading the book he'd brought along for the ride - "Pushing Ice", by Alastair Reynolds, to be precise. Always a fairly quiet man, he had barely paid any attention to his comrades' conversations. However, from time to time, he'd look up from his book, just to see what his fellows were up to. On the most recent "look-up", he saw Henry spit into his bottle, before drinking the water again. That sight had made Dennis grimace - few things had managed to get that reaction from him, but this was definitely one of them. "For fuck's sake, man, how can you DO that?" he asked.
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    In his mid-twenties with a slim but muscular frame, almost omnipresent goofy grin and tanned complexion Jake Colt looked more like a surfer than anything. Waking slowly as the van hit another bump in the spotty excuse for a road he raised his head. A hand going to massage a kink in his neck before the vain rifleman ran a hand through his hair making sure none of it had fallen out of place. Making a face at Henry spitting back in his bottle before reaching for one of his own. Unscrewing and taking a generous swallow sitting back down he looked back at Henry's bottle before scratching his own "J" into his. Glancing at Lucius he smiles trying to strike up a conversation. " So you've done this before?" He asks curiously." Me, most of my jobs kept me on dry land before this." Adding a slight deprecating laugh to the end of that. "Not that I'm a complete sod or anything, I swear." He hastily adds.
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    Still trying wight out the flow chart but want you guy to look at this documentary. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9yCONEdFgWo
  28. 1 point
    Speaking of guns. This is what the standard rifle and hand gun looks like. Colt LE 6920 SIG P226R
  29. 1 point
    Anybody who still has the idea that Brian isn't objective after watching this needs to have their head examined.
  30. 1 point
    I really only included the Galaxy Gun due to it being one of the seemingly endless number of superweapons that would show up. It wasn't so much about not having something that could do what the Galaxy Gun did, as it was commentary on the "oh look, ANOTHER Imperial superweapon!" plots of the early EU.
  31. 1 point
    The mechanics look good so far. As for the nature of the supernatural things, well... might I suggest taking a look at this trope? http://tvtropes.org/Main/AngelsDevilsAndSquid
  32. 1 point
    But only to dirk blackfoot can go jump
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    My brother wants to keep things simple, and prevent the number of elements from spiraling out of control. He's doing seven elements at the most, so I'm not entirely sure what he's got planned. I'll ask him tomorrow after work.
  36. 1 point
    I assume you're talking about the Empire vs. the Council races? The Reapers, IMO would make short work of the Empire.
  37. 1 point
    Well since I didn't see them mentioned, and apologies if I simply overlooked it, I'd tentatively suggest Mass Effect. The Empire would probably lose one on one, and on ground would lose in an utter curbstomp, but they could drown the Council Races in Imperial Star Destroyers plus any older Venators they haven't put into mothballs. Hyperdrive would also allow the Imperials more flexible deployment compared to the fixed relay network used by Mass Effect races. My thoughts, at least. -Respectfully, Commodore Krevin
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    Star Trek DS9 Dominion War.mp4
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    Ramundo is taken out in the first few seconds of the match while staring at Felica by Sub Zero. Ken is also injured while staring at Felica but not killed. Raph will then engage Sub Zero while spouting something about 'not being a real ninja' because he doesn't follow Bushido (which is ironic when you think about it), this will go on for a while. Tai Lung will then engage with Felica while being more than a bit Rapey with his language. The Doctor will be distracted by an ice cream in a freezer and reminisce about an adventure he had with two odd fellows before going to assist Felica because of course he's a gentleman. That's as far as I get with my knowledge of the players.
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    DREADNOUGHTS Borg Cube Role: Dreadnought, Assimilation Vessel Length: 3,040 meters Power Plant: Subspace Tap Armaments: 150 Borg Tractor Beam Emitters, 360 Kinetic Cutting Beam Emitters, 240 Plasma Beam Arrays, 48 Gravimetric Torpedo Tubes, 36 Magnetometric Guided Charge Launchers, 30 Shield-Draining Missile Launchers Defenses: Adaptive Deflector Shields, Regenerative Hull Crew: 130,000 Sublight Propulsion Method: Unknown Maximum Safe Warp Cruising Speed: Warp 9.99 Maximum Emergency Warp Velocity: Warp 9.9999 Transwarp-Capable: Yes Borg Tactical Cube Role: Dreadnought, Assimilation Vessel Length: 3,040 meters Power Plant: Subspace Tap Armaments: 150 Borg Tractor Beam Emitters, 360 Kinetic Cutting Beam Emitters, 240 Plasma Beam Arrays, 48 Gravimetric Torpedo Tubes, 36 Magnetometric Guided Charge Launchers, 30 Shield-Draining Missile Launchers Defenses: Adaptive Deflector Shields, Regenerative Hull, Ablative Armor Crew: 130,000 Sublight Propulsion Method: Unknown Maximum Safe Warp Cruising Speed: Warp 9.99 Maximum Emergency Warp Velocity: Warp 9.9999 Transwarp-Capable: Yes Borg Type-03 Role: Dreadnought Width: 3,200 meters Power Plant: Subspace Tap Armaments: 450 Disruptor Banks, 26 Gravimetric Torpedo Tubes Defenses: Adaptive Deflector Shields, Regenerative Hull Crew: 62,000 Sublight Propulsion Method: Unknown Maximum Safe Warp Cruising Speed: Warp 9.99 Maximum Emergency Warp Velocity: Warp 9.9999 Transwarp-Capable: Yes
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    Matt Foley. His van is stocked with explosives and high tech weaponry.
  42. 1 point
    *pops in thread* I agree, Jason. You've made some well thought out arguements that totally make sense logically. *cackles evilly and leaves thread
  43. 1 point
    No worries. Keep the "new vs. old" idea in mind.
  44. 1 point
    In our spare time, we occasionally review movies! Here is our latest in that line, which is currently on hiatus while we work on our tentpole project. I hope you enjoy!
  45. 1 point
    Heh, you should check out some of my reviews in "Khas' Corner". Especially my review of "Wizards".
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    Chapter Four Captain's Log, Stardate 57873.4. The repairs of the Lexington have been finished on schedule, and the crew is eager to get back to exploration. Even though the Dominion War is just a bad memory now, we've been forced to refit our vessel with duranium plating, quantum torpedoes and bio-neural gel pack computers, the latter of the three having before been only available on Sovereign and Intrepid-class starships. Our fighter count has also been increased, with newer Valkyrie-class fighters added to supplement our aging fighters. I hope we will not need these upgrades, but our recent confrontation with the Son'a has shown that the galaxy is no longer as peaceful as it once was, and precautions once thought ludicrous are now necessary. "End log." Captain Sorval R'Skalli said, ending his log with a mix of cheer and concern in his voice. The Caitian captain sighed as he reclined at his desk. In only a few minutes, his starship would be leaving Spacedock for parts unknown, far outside Federation territory. It was hard to imagine that only five years ago, this ship had fought in one of the bloodiest wars the galaxy had ever known, and now was on a mission of peaceful exploration, one that was much closer to the role for which it had been commissioned. That wasn't to say that the Lexington was incapable of defending herself, nor did it mean she wouldn't have to. It was just relieving to not have to worry about Jem'Hadar, Cardassians, or Breen attacking you nearly everywhere you went. Sorval turned to the chrono on his desk. Seventeen-hundred hours. Time to go. Sorval stepped out from his office onto the bridge of the Akira-class starship. The bridge crew turned to face their captain. Two human men, Commander Nikolai Solanov and Ensign Richard Mackenzie - Chief Science Officer and Helmsman, respectively, a Betazoid woman - Councilor Anzilla Seya, and a Tellarite man - Commander Malk Rel Khav, Tactical Officer all gave acknoledging smiles - and in Khav's case, a grunt, the closest thing the Tellarite would give to a smile - to their captain. Sorval pressed his combadge. "Threll, how are the engines?" He asked. "Warp drive is looking good. Antimatter flow is at optimal conditions." The Andorian engineer responded cheerfully. "Adams, how's sickbay?" "As good as new, Captain. If I didn't know better, I'd say we never fought the Son'a to begin with." Doctor Miguel Adams replied. "Ensign Mackenzie, take us out. One-quarter impulse power." Sorval said. "Aye sir." The young man replied. The Lexington came to life in a flash of external lights, and as she did, she began accelerating. Spacedock's doors opened, letting the starship fly through. Beneath both starship and space station, the majestic blue and green orb that was planet Earth floated serenely against the inky backdrop of space. "We have now cleared Earth's orbit." Mackenzie began. "Heading, sir?" "Coreward. Warp factor eight." Sorval said with a smile. "Not too many people have gone that way, and besides, if we're going to find new civilizations, they'll more likely be there than out rimward." "Aye sir. Course set." "Engage." And with that, the Lexington turned to face the center of the Milky Way. Space-time distorted around the vessel, and she shot off at superluminal speeds, ready for the thrill of new discoveries. Little did her crew know just how significant this next one would be. *************** Things on the Lexington had been a little boring over the past two weeks. Of the five systems they charted, only one had a planet with any life-forms more advanced than bacteria on them, and only three had any minerals worth anything on them. The one that did have higher life-forms was a nightmarish place, with mighty glaciers creeping from the poles towards the volcanic equator. Where fire and ice met on that world, most life-forms congregated. And the animals on that planet were some of the fiercest ever encountered, even rivalling the hengrauggi of Delta Vega, or the le-matyas of Vulcan in ferocity. And as for the plants of the jungles that existed in those regions, the ones that weren't toxic were carnivorous. Any ideas for colonization of the planet had been quickly dismissed. Still, the crew carried on, hoping for some sign of a civilized - or at least habitable - world. Maybe this next system would have what they were looking for. The Lexington dropped out of warp just inside the system's Kuiper belt. Close enough to get accurate scans of the planets, but far enough away to avoid detection by any less advanced civilizations that might exist in the system. "Mister Solanov, what can you tell me about the planets in this system?" Sorval asked. Nikolai looked over at his sensors, and reported the readings back to Sorval. "First two planets are Class-B. Each one might as well be Mercury. The third planet is a Class-Y Demon World. Temperature is 923 degrees Celsius, the atmosphere is almost totally ionized, and saturated with thermionic and gamma radiations. Atmosphere is comprised of hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide, ethane, radon, and metreon gasses. Windspeed is eight hundred kilometers per hour." Nikolai said, cringing. "Almost made that one world seem like Risa." "And the other planets?" Sorval asked. Nikolai returned to his scanners. "The fourth one is a lot nicer. Class-L, oxygen-argon atmosphere. Multicellular life is limited to plants and fungi. Surface is mostly rocky, with the exception of one small inland sea. A forest of conifers covers most of the northern hemisphere, while the south is mostly barren. Temperature is 22 degrees Celsius. The fifth is a Class-E volcanic world, while the sixth, seventh, and eighth, which share an orbit, are all Class-P Ice Worlds. The ninth is a Class-J gas giant, and the remaining three planets are all Class-C, basically bigger versions of Pluto. I'm reading no artificial activity throughout the system." Sorval sighed. Another system without contact. He was growing used to disappointment, what with how this mission was going, but he had at least expected something. Sighing, he turned his attention to the fourth planet in the system. "Very well. Helm, set a course for the fourth planet. We might as well take a look at the local vegetation." "Aye sir." Mackenzie replied. Suddenly, a beeping was heard eminating from Nikolai's console. The young man turned to face it, in response. "Captain, I'm picking up some sort of energy reading coming from the fourth planet. I don't think I've ever seen any like this before." That piqued Sorval's interest. "How so?" Sorval asked. "Well, for starters.... Okay you've got me. I have almost NO idea what I'm reading. Massive spatial distortions, chroniton and tachyon bursts, neutrino surges... I can't make heads or tails of what it means." "Helm, take us to the fourth planet. Full impulse power!" Sorval ordered. "Aye sir!" Mackenzie said more enthusiastically. At long last, a mystery was on their hands, something worthy of reporting. Six minutes later... "Anything?" Sorval asked Nikolai as he reviewed his sensor readings. The science officer shook his head. "No. Whatever caused that surge seems to be gone... Waitaminute. I am reading something. One life-sign. Human male." "Human? How?" Sorval asked. This mission was getting more and more mysterious now, just the way he liked it. "I have no clue. Although, I'd bet you anything it had something to do with the energy surge we detected earlier." Nikolai went back to his sensors. "Captain, the man appears to be unconscious. I'd reccomend beaming him right to sick bay." Sorval nodded, and then pressed his combadge. "Adams? You're about to get a patient, try not to spook him."
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    The only probes the UFP has are anal ones
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    I'm still level 0. Only 5 reps. At least last time I checked.
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    Hmmmmm.... yeah, I think I'll pass on his "input". I wonder where he went, anyway? Maybe I shouldn't ask.