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  1. Yeah, except what you showed simply states the number of guns, no mention of how weak they are...
  2. Actually, the team in Predator 2 was well aware of these beasts capabilities, and had traps specifically made to catch them... Their weak link was them relying on Gary Busy to lead that team...
  3. Trek Wars: Battlefront

    I think Jason would be most at home playing an army of Packleds...
  4. Which universes can Star Wars beat?

    Indeed... 😝
  5. Star Trek: Discovery - Official Trailer

    Love Michelle Yeoh, so I'll want to see...
  6. Which universes can Star Wars beat?

    SW can beat ST with a Death Star, or if they throw all they have in one single all-out assault... leaving them open to retaliation by the Borg who would decimate what remains of their fleet...
  7. Ok, I dumbly voted before reading the thread... Sue me! (Don't sue me, it's a figure of speech) so, you say you want to keep it simple, yet you have "some plant based spells in earth, and others with water"... How the heck is that simple? ok, let's keep it at 6 elements: Earth (everything that has to do with the earth and its minerals), Fire ( self-explanatory unless you are a complete idiot 😝), Water (see Fire), Air (see previous two entries), and here where it gets to be fun: All spells related to living matter, are from the Life domain, including plants. Spells like Alter self, polymorphe self, cure, etc... All spells related to dead things, like animal/humanoid skeletons, and... get this, dead plants, like tree skeletons (I.e. Wood planks), are part of the Death domain (also including all necromantic spells)... 6 domains, relatively easy to class, and there you go...
  8. Лучшие пиломатериалы в Киеве www.uliv.com.ua

  9. Лучшие пиломатериалы в Киеве www.uliv.com.ua

  10. The Penguins won the cup...
  11. Which universes can Star Wars beat?

    Funny how I never had an issue hitting a target dead center at 8-10 meters away with a laser pointer... The advantage of not having any recoil when pressing the button on top I guess... Oh wait, a Phaser also has no recoil... And I disagree that a gun is easier to aim than a phaser... I've actually aimed both, and have less trouble using the laser pointer... Could it be because I used it more than a gun... Wow, could training help aiming such a weapon, d'ya think?
  12. Which universes can Star Wars beat?

    Knocking the Falcon off its axis is not as impressive as ST torpedoes knocking a Klingon BoP OF ITS axis in ST VI... Vaporizing self-exploding asteroids isn't impressive either... We've seen in Khas's DS9 clips phasers and Cardassian weapons vaporizing great deals of hulls quite quickly as well, but I guess this will also be ignored...

    Good one...