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      The Orville >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ad infinium >>>>>>> ST: Discovery (aka Star Trek: PTSD) and Tilly is still a meme character. Carry on.
    • Commander RayCav

      Memorial Announcement for Gear of Troll Kingdom   04/02/2018

      As far as I'm aware he wasn't a member but some members of this board crossed over. Khas has told me he died of cancer, and regardless what community he will be missed.
    • Commander RayCav

      PLEASE READ - tagging me on Facebook and my retirement   04/09/2018

      It has come to my attention that I'm being tagged on Facebook posts by members of ASVS including the administration and moderatorship here. As I use that Facebook profile strictly for professional development...I have to request that you guys stop. I'm not kidding when I say it might become a serious liability, especially since I work in an industry extremely sensitive to things we joke about here. And with that, it has also come to my attention that the entire Commander RayCav persona has also become a liability towards my continued professional development - and so as of this moment I've decided to permanently retire it. I'm shutting this account down and I'm surrendering all moderatorship and administratorship responsibilities and privileges. I'll reregister under a new name as a regular member.


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    Why are you reading my fucking biography on ASVS? Do you truly have no life? Nope. I guess not. Sucks for you. HA!
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    Why the HELL would I tell you that? Mother fucker.
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    I fucked your mom. No seriously, go ask her about it.

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  1. Capture the Flag, Round 4

    Has to be the Cylons, right? It is always the fucking Cylons.
  2. A douchebag? Smells like a douchebag. A dirty one.
  3. No. He's turned on by gigantic Angel fighting robots. I was going to make some kind of "-phile" joke, but I am not sure what would be appropriate. Fucked-up-ophile?
  4. He wants to be the very best Like no one ever saw Baffling them is his real test To troll them is his cause He will travel across the net Searching far and wide With warsies he will contest Surrounded on all sides Star Wars Fans, (gotta troll them all) its him and me I know its my destiny Star Wars Fans, oh, you'll fight to the end Its a fight to lose, you are destined
  5. With no powers combine.......You are Captain Jason!
  6. Care bears verse the Predator verse Aliens

    And Airlocke eats the cotton candy. Yes.
  7. I will be a pilot, as long as I get a concubine. It is a package deal.
  8. I pick the Night Elves, as long as Tyrande can be my concubine.
  9. Test

  10. Test

    Don't DO that. It confuses the HELL out of people.
  11. The Hunt For Edward Cullen's Head

    We're decapitating someone here, right? Let's go Team Lightsaber!!!
  12. Fifa. All in one rhythem.

    Have been since Thursday.
  13. You copy and paste any of that? Copy and pasting from another site copies the text color, as well. If you do copy and paste, please be sure to edit the font color before posting. Thanks!