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  1. Sci-fi art

    Why thank you!
  2. Sci-fi art

    Got a few 40K pics of mine: http://theowlgoesmoo.deviantart.com/art/Throne-of-pleasure-667535231 http://theowlgoesmoo.deviantart.com/art/Clash-of-Titans-660711572 http://theowlgoesmoo.deviantart.com/art/Defenders-of-the-Imperium-625799900 http://theowlgoesmoo.deviantart.com/art/The-Emperor-Protects-564842173 http://theowlgoesmoo.deviantart.com/art/And-They-Shall-Know-No-Fear-648536757
  3. Toy Set Fails

    "MOVEABLE ARMS AND LEGS" Setting a pretty high bar there. I give you...Voltromas
  4. Toy Set Fails

    PLAY WITH US KHAS. PLAY WITH US. FOREVER. Ah-hem, anyway, baclk to lulzy. No discussion about stupid knockoffs is coplete without ROBERT COP
  5. Toy Set Fails

    I found these lovely things. If I have to have nightmares tonight, so do you.
  6. Care bears verse the Predator verse Aliens

    Jason... What I would give to spend just five minutes in your world. It sounds wonderful.
  7. Pilot, definitely a pilot. Let's get in the action!
  8. Yeah, I'd be up for this. The Sangheili need more love.
  9. Linked Souls Presentation

    Well, can't have them going at this all by their lonesome, now, can we? "Ark" Race: Geth Alignment: Neutral Good Gender: None, though identifies as male Age: N/A Height: 6'0" Weapons: Geth Pulse rifle (Highly damaged) Personality: Cold, logical, and socially inept, like all his kind Rha Ul'har Race: Sangheili Alignment: Lawful Neutral Gender: Male Age: 53 Height: 7'8" Weapons: Broadsword Personality: Arrogant and often predjudiced againt other races, but with a strong sense of honor, especially in combat.
  10. Capture the Flag, Round 2

    Gir, most definitely Gir. Come on, this isn't even fair.
  11. Glenn Beck vs. Christian Weston Chandler

    Well that depends. How are they fighting? Is this a battle of wits or fists?
  12. The Chakat Slayers! Presentation

    Ooh, can I take Kettu? Playing a character that wants to prove his group/species/faction/whatever aren't a bunch of complete monsters sounds incredibly fun.
  13. Review: Wizards

    You know how they say "a picture is worth a thousand words"? I really hope that's true, because the only way I can begin to express my reaction to this madness is as follows:
  14. RayCav, were you behind this? (Slightly NSFW)

    I admit, I have yet to hear a better explanation.