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      This is a serious announcement for once   01/06/2018

      I'm going to unceremoniously and immediately ban and delete any accounts in which it is painfully obvious they're spambots.  This is the only time I'll ever award any form of moderator/administrative punishment without consensus from other moderators and administrators. If you "see" me do otherwise (like my announcement regarding Khas) you'll probably figure out on your own it's a joke and no actual action has occurred. Here's where I'd normally say "you've been warned" but yeah spambots will never, ever read this anyway so it's literally pointless.
    • Commander RayCav

      ATTENTION SPAMMERS!   01/10/2018

      If you want to avoid being perma-banned for spamming, *DO NOT POST SPAM ON THE PROFILE OF AN ADMINISTRATOR!* This is a very stupid thing to do!
    • Khas

      Guests now have to fill out a Captcha if they want to post.   01/11/2018

      Fucking spammers.  That's why.
    • Commander RayCav

      Alert!   01/16/2018

      Tilly is a meme character. CONFIRMED AS CANON. Like we didn't already fucking know this from literally the first episode.


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  1. Far I can tell Terrien Empire or seem disband MACO. Any theories on why Terrien Empire would disband MACO? WE all know Terrien Empire not peace loving agency it blood thirsty.
  2. You guy forget about the New Hope the Millennium Falcon like get destroy that many Tie fighters. Point is that unless the Oberth-class is armed with photon torpedoes it would destroy. By the way that only reason why I think Tie fighters win
  3. Oberth-class Starship verse 50 Tie fighters. Will remember Tie figher cause least some damage Falcon those something 8 Tie fighers. Now we talk 50 Tie fighers here something like this might able destroy Han Sole ship in New Hope. It likely Rebel Alliance heavy upgrade the Falcon once used Rebel ship. We also talk ship design mostly science limit military and total destroy by single BOP with just two photon torpedoes. I say this Millioan Falcon shields at least good as the Oberth class starship. So 50 Tie fighters like strength require down it and they down the Han Sole Falcon as will to for sure.
  4. In Predator 2 you right do have team that was somewhat will equipment capture him. I sorry thinking more about second Aliens vrs Predator movie. However right were equipment to try compare him one piece.
  5. Why CBS and Parmount get out way to in charge games like Star Trek armada. Facts you could use normal actors and actress to do it and keep all those bridge sets and so on.
  6. Other problem argue question Rebel do find out UFP existed leading to them at least security supplies them with weapons and equipment that the bing end Empire if happen before after short after her father died Rogue one. transporters they beam out all survivals and left before Vader came with the perhaps all date. Maybe used Death star plans lore Vader into trap and get rid him. See effect Empire security is likely Section 31 able get ride Emperor.
  7. After reading post Star destroy.net I was think parts Old Republic aim join UFP. UFP does not have the same problem Old Republic has political government prevent a member attack on other members. Not least unit military at least works.
  8. Trek Wars: Battlefront

    Likely Federation even Rebakl look interesting
  9. I mean why US govement after first Predeter movie not have special force train fight it.
  10. Why do the Dominion using more boarding tactic during any major battles. Possible reasons budget is one possible reason simple took more time and money have hand to hand fighting. I interest other possibles that you guys could come up with. First possible most major battle we saw the Dominion was losing or likley had issues of manpower. Then again rammed starships into enemy ships in practice waste men and equipment. Issues know enemy bridge layout might also been some what problem. Or know operation enemy bridge. Simple board party getting on board would be the easily part. Then again saw Jem Harder bring USS Defaint to Founder new homeworld. Little more issue piloting the ship. To move out formation even Klingon lot more effective tactic combine cloaking allow take more high prize targets out. Might help conflicts they had with the UFP all that hand to hand combat while grabing control able pilot the ship.
  11. Trek Wars: Battlefront

    All likelihood Permanent and CBS going creative some simlier to MACO and point Scout political current which part problem soft cannon but you right for right now. Even I think going like turn Federation Merchant Marines ,UFP navy factor into replace for MACO
  12. Trek Wars: Battlefront

    You a were that MACO no longer cannon when come to after Enterprise, but did not lose hope. Permaunt make mistake any allow that Star Trek beyond part writen first place. You advance tantic trained UFP commando, Section 31 commandos and UFP Navy special forces.Scoutty all liklehood be political current and other agencies took over MACO jobs.
  13. I mean longer number individual human citzens of Warhammer Imperial I do mean just worlds.
  14. Simple question all Imperial rule regelations when comes freedom of religous and everything special comes new systems that Imperial has discovery why Tau get human refugees Warhammer 40k.
  15. Let put UFP awere Star War Republic turn to Star War Empire. UFP get Jedi refugees those flee Empire. This by very nature leads Star War Empire into war with UFP. Vader like first fall simple fact that this case just use Jedi as bait let Section 31 sniper rifle transporter on it by by Vader. Of course small cat compare Emperor. Surprising Emperor relative setting duck for agency like section 31. He transport in shuttle when try enter the Death star. When Rebel planning attack on station he know it. We know UFP has stealth probes or class 3 probe and advance photon torpedoes both could used to assassinate the Emperor and any fighter has escort him. Simple put it Star War Empire kind done long term war.