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  1. No, its just don't know what what to think about Obs. IDK about the system. It seems to be a bit forest to me.
  2. Ummmmmmm.......... ......Potato?
  3. The Portal Conflict.

    Im think of do story that is less high fantasy and more horror in a H.P.Lovecraft way. A group of SEALs are responding to a distress single from a ship of oil rig. The Navy think it's terrorist or pirate attack. But the truth is worst.
  4. The Winter Fortress

    (Sorry this all i can think of.) Shynt also placed the rest of his food in the replicator . He then followed Tenna’los and Sulap. He glanced at the tank , wondering if it would be enough to stop the deadlier monsters.
  5. The Winter Fortress

    (Sorry A lot of technical difficulties and procrastination on my end. Here my post.) Shynt also question about enchantments. “Yes I like to know which It would be the best ones for the mission. Do we know what we are dealing with what ever in the forest?” When Captain Shar gave out his orders he finished his plate and got reddy for the tour.
  6. The Winter Fortress

    (I think I need to skip my turn.)
  7. The Winter Fortress

    (Do we have to maintain about our magic abilities in the if we already did so on the OCC thread? This seems to slow down the pacing a bit.) “The Fall?” Shynt replied to his Shar. “That a bit of foreboding name. What happened?” When he herd Teena’los thanks he lightly pated her on the back . “You’er welcome.” But when she him the the piece of on his plate confusion was written on his face. “Um... I ordered the same food.” He herd Shar gave out orders and tuned to attention. “Sir, I have Green that I usually use to change and move around plants plants, black to hide myself in the shadows, and Brown to keep the predators from attacking me.” He rarely used the last mana skill, because there was only a few he got the drop on.
  8. Which universes can Star Wars beat?

    I know Ikaika, but It was a joke. I would think the both weapons would have vary little recoil, if at all. But sight picture is still important to hit something beyond 5 to 7 meters. As for the grip thing, I don't think the old Phasers have Luger styled grips. They just look like small pipe on a angle. But you know what would be cool to have a weapon with a memory grip. Oh and Obs. The 24th Phasers is even worst. The rifle look alright but were is the trigger?
  9. Which universes can Star Wars beat?

    There both bad weapons are ergonomic nightmares. Look how skinny the grip is on the phaser. http://www.weaponreplica.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/Star-Trek-III-Phaser-Prop-Replica-Roddenberry.jpgAnd were is the trigger guard? And I were is the stock on this weapon? I doubt that you can hit somebody beyond 10 meters with this thing! http://www.originalprop.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2008/12/star-wars-a-new-hope-imperial-stormtrooper-blaster-e-11-sterling-original-prop-02.jpg (I know the answer but, I want you guys to figure it out. )
  10. The Winter Fortress

    Shynt gave a silent nod to Sulap’s speech. It seemed like there was bad blood between there 2 species, even though he didn't understand why they were arguing over how they got their food. He also didn't understand what these “replicators” are. He got his answer when his fellow drow didn’t get what she wanted form some odd machine. He asked Shar why the strange device don’t cook the food Teena’los wanted. When it was his time to order, he tried to think of something that the replicator hopefully understand. “Um…two servings of medium rare steak with eggs and bread and too cups of morning tea.” Lucky for hime this odd Machine made exactly what he ordered. Shynt grabbed both plates and headed towed were Teena’los was sitting. “Here you go. It seems that today is not you lucky day. What type weird from mana that thing is using?”
  11. The Winter Fortress

    Shynt agreed on what Sulap said about controlling one emotions. “ That ture. I learned that sort skill when I was a hunter.” Which was correct…. when he was out in the field. Hi seemed to have less composure when he around people make racist remarks(even if they're joking), especially if he drank too much. He herd to argument happening between Sulap and Kilgon. He replayed to Teena’los on wether they should step in or not. “Let’s hope he dose.I prefer that we not get into a fight. Especially, since we just got here.” He waited to see what would happen.
  12. The Winter Fortress

    (Sorry Im having a bit of a block trying to write this.) After helping the other drow up and thanking the Ferengi for helping, Shynt got back to formation. What the blue skin officer said confused him a bit. He did help some town guard with killing some zombies a few times. And he herd of demons before. But just like Teena’los, he never herd of the rest of the creatures that he was saying. He was a bit surprised that he and his fellow recruits were going to the mess hall and instead of training.
  13. A few years late, I know...

    So this guy hacked into peplos computers....for what?
  14. The Winter Fortress

    (Going to make my character have proper winter gear ) Even though Shynt was used to cloud wether when he lived in the woodlands, it nothing compared to the chill of this place. At lest there were some trees growing on this cliff. He hoped the no one knew who he was and what he “supposedly” done to noble in Eastern Woodlands. The real reason he came here was to find the true murderer and to clear his name. He herd another drow near him yelling about the snow. He tuned to talk to her. “Hay, relax. Snow is frozen water. You just need to brush it off and not step on the clear stuff..” He stoped speaking when he saw her fall to the ground. He moved towed he and tried to get her back on her feet. “Are you all right?” It seemed like she was ill equipped for this environment. When she started yelling again, try to quite her down. “Oi, would settle down a bit? The last thing our drill instructor need to see is us acting like a bunch of Muppets.” Shynt look around the group of fellow recruits. “Does anybody have a extra blanket and maybe something warm to drink? I think she starting to have hypothermia.” He knew this was going to be a long campaign.
  15. Do we have enough players?