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  1. I'd agree with Gunny, even though I'm not very well versed in STALKER lore. It would either be SOCOM doing things on the down low, or it would be the CIA doing their shady shit using both US Spec Ops and and Contractors, either locals or hired guns from outside.
  2. Horror/Ship security RPG

    As in getting detailed about specific lowers, uppers, parts kits, stocks, buffer weight, gasblock lenght ect.
  3. Horror/Ship security RPG

    I know, it was between a heavily customized AR15, or an 'off the shelf' G36/K with a STANAG insert in the magwell, standard reflex sight and scope combo, and laser/light combo. That and replacing the standard knife with a bayonet. Was just trying to decide between the rifle or carbine. I'd think the rifle would have more range and accuracy for taking down pirates before they get to the boat, while the carbine would be better for if they actually get onboard the ship. These are the things a merc needs to think about after all.
  4. Horror/Ship security RPG

    Alright, wasn't sure. Now another question, G36 or G36K?
  5. Horror/Ship security RPG

    Looks fine to me, are the rifles semi only or select fire?
  6. What sort of 'engine' would a dragon use for propulsion?

    Fire Breathing Dragon? And how bad is this disease? IE could a metal frame be attached to his own wings that he can deploy at will to act as a glider? Combine that with some sort of system that he can breath fire into to redirect it and have jet propulsion. Might be an adjustment period where a creature that can fly turns into a jet powered glider. But maybe I've been playing too much GTA with the ME 163 clone.
  7. And the fact that that you have one survivor covered in mud and possibly his own shit talking all kinds of crazy shit about some kind of invisible Vagina face with tusks that killed the rest of his highly trained and heavily armed squad.
  8. How should we proceed with the elements of magic?

    *shrugs and grunts in a non-committal manner* Cheesecake?
  9. The Winter Fortress

    Sulap would follow right behind Khas, being next to the replicators and waiting as well. "So awareness and precise marksmanship should be enough for most threats, with overwhelming firepower to take care of the others?"
  10. 4 vs 4 Martial Arts Mayhem - Round 1

    Ramundo is taken out in the first few seconds of the match while staring at Felica by Sub Zero. Ken is also injured while staring at Felica but not killed. Raph will then engage Sub Zero while spouting something about 'not being a real ninja' because he doesn't follow Bushido (which is ironic when you think about it), this will go on for a while. Tai Lung will then engage with Felica while being more than a bit Rapey with his language. The Doctor will be distracted by an ice cream in a freezer and reminisce about an adventure he had with two odd fellows before going to assist Felica because of course he's a gentleman. That's as far as I get with my knowledge of the players.
  11. The Winter Fortress

    Sulap would nod, "I had intended to get a diamond enchantment for my sword." He would hang around and wait for everyone else to finish their food and for the tour to resume.
  12. The Winter Fortress

    Sulap finished his food quietly, getting up and bringing his serving tray back to the replicator, putting it on the platform and pressing a button, making it disappear. He removed the straw from his bottle of Slugocola and took a few swigs as he listened to Shar explain about the Fall. He had heard and read a few things about it, but ancient history didn't interest him that much, other than the 'lost' technology, as well as what they managed to keep. He'd stand by the replicator and finish off his bottle, slipping it in the replicator and pressing the button again, making the trash disappear. "Captain. Do we have a quartermaster capable of enchanting weapons? I was unable to get my sword enchanted before I was stationed here."
  13. Finally found my way back to you

    My neighbors, mother fuckers got evicted over a week ago now and they're still packing shit up. Mater of fact this mother fucker just dropped off some tires.
  14. Which universes can Star Wars beat?

    Well, a stock isn't just for reducing recoil from the weapon, it's also the help steady it when you aim. I'm still a novice shooter but I definitely notice sway with my Mosin even I try to fire it unsupported or standing, I can only imagine how bad it would be if I 'hip fired' or didn't shoulder it (I'm still somewhat stupefied that someone thought it'd be a good idea to saw it down and turn it into a pistol). Pistols of course are easier to hold because they're lighter, and I would imagine that a phaser would be even lighter than a conceal carry pistol (polymer or metal frame) being mostly plastic and circuitry rather than needing to be strong enough to not break when you pull the trigger.