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      This is a serious announcement for once   01/06/2018

      I'm going to unceremoniously and immediately ban and delete any accounts in which it is painfully obvious they're spambots.  This is the only time I'll ever award any form of moderator/administrative punishment without consensus from other moderators and administrators. If you "see" me do otherwise (like my announcement regarding Khas) you'll probably figure out on your own it's a joke and no actual action has occurred. Here's where I'd normally say "you've been warned" but yeah spambots will never, ever read this anyway so it's literally pointless.
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      If you want to avoid being perma-banned for spamming, *DO NOT POST SPAM ON THE PROFILE OF AN ADMINISTRATOR!* This is a very stupid thing to do!
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      Guests now have to fill out a Captcha if they want to post.   01/11/2018

      Fucking spammers.  That's why.
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      Alert!   01/16/2018

      Tilly is a meme character. CONFIRMED AS CANON. Like we didn't already fucking know this from literally the first episode.


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  1. Tribbles vs. Porgs

    Tribbles. They born pregnant and will quickly swallow the island in fur. There seems to be very few if any natural predators for Porgs, so unless the porgs get wise and roll the little fuckers into the ocean to be munched on by big fish they're gonna lose. I don't think Chewie can make enough Tribble Stew and Tribble Sausage to hold back the tide. And then the Klingons will show up and put a blockade around the planet and send down eradication teams, then one will report what the found to the High Council, and then we'll have Klingon Force users. WHY! WHY ROB!? WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS?!
  2. Speaking of 'Older Equipment', the US Military is now thinking about bringing back the F14 (with upgrades) for its original design/purpose, Air Superiority, as opposed to using more expensive and slower Multirole Craft like the F22 and F35 (although the F22 comes WAY closer to the F14's top speed, around 100 mph slower, opposed to the 4,000 mph slower with the F35)
  3. 4-way dogfight

    I think it's hard to compare non Star Wars/Trek sci fi to either. Movies, books, videogames and more have been made for both, you can tell me which company made the cannons on a an X-Wing, can you tell me the same for the Arwing? You can tell me the armor thickness of a Yellowstone Class, can you tell me the same of the Protoss Scout? There's so much cannon and 'possible' readouts for Trek?Wars. Starfox and Starcraft has a couple of video games, Starcraft might have some cannon books? We can apply Science to Wars and Trek (more so to Trek, let's face it). We can look up at least the potential energy output for weapons in the Star Wars/Trek, where as if you do some digging 'The Protoss Scout does 7 DPS to air targets.' How do you translate as something as vague as 'damage per second' into something more sciency?
  4. Alright, I'd change it to Destiny 2 being first, BF2 being a very close second, with Shadows being a not quite so close third. EA's responses were pretty much open foot insert mouth however.
  5. Fairwind vs. Season Rulers

    Looking at the Fairwind makes me slightly uncomfortable. Seeing the Rulers makes me want to get a heavy plasma thrower and a backpack of thermal detonators and a ticket to Endor.
  6. Considering EA's greed has caused more than one Nation/State to consider anti-lootbox legislation, that I didn't know that Shadow of War or Destiny had lootboxes, and I view Overwatch's take on lootbox to only punish the lazy, vain, and stupid, I'd rank it I laid it out. Didn't spend a dollar on Overwatch past the actual purchase (and it was on sale), lootboxes do not affect game play in ANY way. Yes it's annoying to get 4 sprays I'll never even look at for heroes I'll never play, but I didn't spend a cent to get em. If lootboxes are Cancer (and most evidence points to yes), then Overwatch is the benign tumor. EA on the other hand is either an impossible grind, or pay for a CHANCE to win, which is probably more devious than simply pay to win. "$1.99 and you might unlock Darth Vader! Oooooh so sorry, you unlocked TK-1396174 and a hello kitty weapon skin."
  7. Fairwind vs. Season Rulers

    I don't know what the Fairwind is, but I'm putting my full support behind it in the hopes that many Ewoks die in the process.
  8. "Black Smoke Over Blue Water"

    The New Englander would lift up his bottle in a mock toast as he took another swig and spit. "Cottonmouth's a motherfucker and Marek's got a point about water intoxication. Friend of mine nearly died from that shit. I'd rather not fly out all this way just to get benched, unless one of you guys wanna do a double shift and I still get paid." He took a swig of water and swallowed this time. He looked forward as he took part of the conversations going on, "Open sea's not to bad, so long as you're doing work. When you've got nothing to do it's fucking mind numbing. Fishing boat's always got something to do, detangling line and nets, baiting traps." He'd swish and spit again, trying to be more discreet about it, he turned to Jake, "This'll make 6 Anti Pirate duties so far. Gotta say out of everything I've done, this is numbah two." He'd look to Lucius, "He's right, rain or fog and we're not looking and the bastards can get a shot off."
  9. 50 TIE Fighters vs. 1 Oberth-class Starship

    Numbers can overwhelm, even though the scinearo in my mind I gave the Obeth the 'win'. 5000 North Koreans charging a lone M240 with baseball bats, eventually the M240 is gonna run out of ammo or jam. If it's a situation where the objective is simply an up and up 'kill the other side completely' in open space, it's gonna be the TIEs. The advantage the Oberth would have would be it's crew and captain. Biggest disadvantage would be it's limited weapons, let's assume one set of fore and aft phaser banks? That's two guns of questionable power against 50 targets, and 50 (or rather 100) cannons against one target. If 'tricks' are allowed I'd have to give it to the Oberth, they could engage the TIEs at the edge of it's range, warp away as soon as their shields drop below a certain level, wait for a recharge, then warp in just outside their range, rinse and repeat.
  10. 50 TIE Fighters vs. 1 Oberth-class Starship

    TIE/In have no shields whatsoever. I think Bombers, Interceptors, Advances, and I think the New Order TIEs have shield standard now. Off topic, where the hell can I watch full episodes of Rebels other than varying quality on Youtube? EDIT: Looked it up again, could have sworn that Bombers and Interceptors had shields standard...
  11. 50 TIE Fighters vs. 1 Oberth-class Starship

    Think I'm gonna have to give this to the Oberth, My understanding is while they had shit weapons they did have some decent shields and fair armor, and more importantly they had warp drive. Standard TIEs had no shields or FTL and only their lasers, no missiles or sort of anti shield weaponry. I would also think that the Oberth would have the range advantage with it's sensors and phasers, not saying it would win outright but it'd inflict higher casualties than the TIEs could before they Warp away to repair any damage.
  12. Still watching the video and I do have to agree with you, just nitpicking the one example you used (more in that the hijackers had a heavy element of surprise). Probably a better example to use would be say using F14s for patrols and escorts instead of the extremely expensive and probably overpowered F35 for the same role, you don't need Stealth and VTOL for a patrol. As you mentioned with the A10, it's a good ground attack craft because it can go slower and loiter for a long time. P51s would be well suited for a modern day ground attack role as opposed to an Air Superiority/intercepter role that you suggested. They can get in fast, strafe soft/medium targets with it's .50s, launch modern munitions against hard targets, linger for a while then get out fast. They can land on improvised airstrips that could be made with a bulldozer out in the desert instead of needing to launch/land from a carrier or air base with a runway that took days to build. Putting older equipment into new/other roles is often used, like your NX01 example. As a warship (which it was never intended to be) it'd be toasted by probably even a modern bird of prey. Now if it's used as a hospital ship or a transport it'll do well. M3 Lee tanks became outclassed early in WW2, so when they started producing Shermans, they used the Lee design with modifications to make Self Propelled Guns, Tank Destroyers, and Armored Recovery Vehicles, and as Lees were taken out of service they were either used in rear echelon role, parts, or converted to the new purposes. In Star Wars the rebellion uses pretty much whatever they can get their hands on, sometimes they can get top of the line purpose built new stuff like Xwings, Bwings, Mon Cal Cruisers, but the majority of their equipment is usually surplus equipment or converted civilian equipment. A stolen Yacht becomes a hospital ship, a container cargo vessel with a heavy gun welded to the hull becomes a destroyer, a 'air tugboat' gets a couple cannons mounted on it and it takes down something as heavily armored as a AT-AT (with its original tow hook, not the cannons that were added to it)
  13. Favorite "real life" firearm.

    Do you mean the 416/17? Or did HK make ANOTHER variant chambered in something exotic (.300BLK or maybe one of the flavor of the day 6.X RandomLetterGenerator?)? I've got my SKS now. I'm tempted to get a Makarov, but Hawaii isn't exactly pistol friendly so it's not a big priority for me.
  14. I'd agree with Gunny, even though I'm not very well versed in STALKER lore. It would either be SOCOM doing things on the down low, or it would be the CIA doing their shady shit using both US Spec Ops and and Contractors, either locals or hired guns from outside.