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      EVERYBODY READ - This is our new policy regarding spambots   02/04/2018

      Here's the thing about the spambot situation - it is literally physically impossible for me to catch up with them. I don't know what about this board attracts them so much (although this is a common problem with Spacebattles, Sufficient Velocity and other boards - they just don't actually post there for some reason, maybe they have better software or something) or what to do to control it. I don't have a lot of tools to deal with the situation, and even far, far less time. The *only* practical solution is to just tell you guys to ignore them and don't click on any links they post - *especially* when they're written in the style of a paragraph but bizarrely formatted in list format, and *especially* when they're written in Russian (or Turkish, or whatever language is unreadable for most Americans who don't hail from the oppressive side of the Iron Curtain or an international studies degree). In other words, I won't be doing any actions anymore. *Because I can't.* I apologize for the inconvenience. 

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  1. http://domakostroma.com/

  2. Stargate Origins

    Is this the Roland Emmerich self-reboot? If so then...eh? Emmerich's name has always kinda been burned simply due to his "Micheal Bay but everyone actually sees he has no clothes" style, but the Independence Day sequel has pretty much made him seemingly toxic once and for all, so I'm like...meh. BTW I really don't know why Micheal Bay seems to be nigh-invulnerable to the Emmerich Burn. Whatever. They're both basically just Uwe Boll except people take them more seriously for some reason. Maybe in Bay's case it's because he has serious Victoria's Secret connections.
  3. Ok, so I assumed I could find the video in question easily...and I can't.
  4. Star Trek: Discovery Orbital Bombardment

    Not necessarily. In fact I'm somewhat confident enough to say "it'll almost never go down." The point of CBS All Access isn't to actually distribute content or even make money. It's to show that Netflix that CBS shows are worth more than they think through artificial means. Even if CBS All Access loses money CBS makes many more times that back just through this artificial inflation. I don't really expect you to take my word for it so take this other guy's word for it: http://www.tvgrimreaper.com/2017/09/19/cbs-access-isnt-real-business-negotiating-leverage/2983/
  5. Star Trek: Discovery Orbital Bombardment

    For those of you hoping that they'll use a more "sensible distribution method" in the future...that ain't gonna happen. That's not how CBS works. CBS works by squeezing as much money as possible. They've, like everybody else, have adopted the "Triple A Video Game Studio" business model, especially when it comes to microtransaction mentality. CBS All Access is a ploy to try to get Netflix to raise the fees on CBS shows (a huge chunk of those fees, of course, getting straight back to CBS) by providing an alternative platform with alternative pricing so they can use that alternative pricing to artificially establish a higher market value, a market value Netflix then has to use to adjust its fee structure (hence why CBS All Access is outright unreasonably high in its own fee structure). Disco just ended up being a sacrificial goat somewhat, given that it has a very large automatic fanbase it stands a very good chance of bringing that fanbase into the All Access pay model, which is what they need to make their scheme work. Well guess what, it did work, and they won't change it. It's doing exactly what they want it to do. I tried to explain this to Sufficient Velocity and Spacebattles and most of the people there just act like blubbering apologist morons. Please prove we're better, ASVS.
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  7. Recently some things happened in the chat that has made me decide to unilaterally implement a new rules change. Now this may be seen as an abuse of power or at least a moderator overstepping bounds, but please read this before making judgement (and I especially make this appeal to the other moderator staff). It might be clear due to recent forum and chat posts I've been making that I do not think very highly of Star Wars: Rebels. In my absence, @Praeothmin made the following comment in the chat window: For this comment and infraction, Praeothmin is receiving the bare minimum punishment possible under the administrative tools under my disposal: minus one reputation point. Please allow me to explain why. EDIT: Because I misread Praeothmin's quote, his reputation points have been restored and any administrative action otherwise has been rescinded. However, because I've seen this be a problem elsewhere, I'm going to let the rest of the post stand. Now, I'm not saying that telling others that their criticism of a certain creative work is invalid because they can't produce a superior creative work on their own is invalid to the point where it's going to be against the rules - but if I see enough of this going on I will make it officially against the rules and start doling out administrative action accordingly Why am I doing this? For three specific reasons: 1.) It's not valid counter-criticism (or at the very least, it's weak): according to the implied logic, near-literally every single criticism ever uttered is immediately invalidated and all professional critics should be fired. It's a logical fallacy. One does not need to demonstrate the capability to make a creative work in order to appreciate, critique, and evaluate a creative work. I can post more if I need to, but can't think of any better example than when Rob Schneider complained that only people who have made movies have the right to cite his movies as bad - and then Roger Ebert shut him down, bringing up his IMDb profile which shows that, yes, Roger Ebert has actually made movies. 2.) It's legitimately hurtful and trollish. It shouldn't be a secret that many here on ASVS engage in creative endeavors (FFS we have an entire board dedicated to it, like most other places) and therefore the implication that they can't make creative works of a certain quality is hurtful. Which is why I see it fit to take administrative action whenever I see this phrase being uttered. 3.) It's just stupid, given a combination of the above two points. Now, I hope everybody can understand, and again, I don't want to start making too much of a ruckus over it. Hopefully you guys will see this, see my reasoning and play along. I really don't want to get into another ESAD situation here.
  8. So uh... Starfleet Jedi might be dying.

    I don't think we'll be changing anything, practically.
  9. So uh... Starfleet Jedi might be dying.

    I'd believe both, I just...kinda forgot about Disco since Wars doesn't have a comparable TV franchise, so a movie franchise comparison tends to be a natural apples-to-apples move. Ironically, the death knell for the Trek movie reboot franchise might very well just end up being...Disco. I don't believe the nonsense that Trek "isn't set up to be a movie franchise," you can make a movie franchise out of anything (how many goddamn fucking American Pie and SAW movies did they make after all, or how many goddamn fucking "the sweet girl next door turns out to be a dangerous stalker but she dies at the end" movies are still made, which I think is pretty objectively the worst movie genre. Ever.) but Trek does seem to have a big problem of either, whoever has the movie franchise wants to turn it into a string of super-high-budget 2 hour TV episodes, or whoever has the movie franchise wants to turn it into a Star Wars ripoff. Neither one really makes it appealing as an actual movie franchise - the former just makes the movies come off as lame ripoffs ala the TNG era movies, and the latter alienates fans and does little to attract crowds beyond that fanbase (especially if they come off as repetitive, too much like Wars ripoffs, or just poorly done - which if you ask me the Abrams movies are guilty of all three, in spades). One obvious solution would be to just scale the franchise back to television - obviously, Disco. And it seems to be a rousing success. The big practical problem remains that a huge chunk of Hollywood thinks big blockbuster franchises that make guaranteed a near trillion in a year (and are almost inevitably based on already established IPs) are the way to go in this age of the media consumer also being the media creator (i.e. YouTube and other forms of social media). Star Wars is actually a latecomer to this game - what really established this attitude is the MCU which until Disney's purchase of Star Wars was pretty much keeping the entire Disney empire from circling down the drain into outright oblivion - and now it's the MCU and Star Wars that's virtually solely making the entire Disney empire profitable (which is why Disney is so so desperate from keeping the superhero bubble bursting again, or having the Star Wars bubble burst - and they're dead convinced that the key to preventing that is to spam movies, no less than two MCU movies every year and at least a Wars movie every year, for practically the rest of existence itself). Paramount's own Transformers franchise is another form of "proof" that "you need a major trillion dollar franchise to keep the whole damn business operation solvent" attitude works, although the latest BOR's of the last movie have people worried - it only made hundreds of billions instead of a near-trillion like the previous movies (what also doesn't help is that the Transformers movies tend to be abhorrently expensive, in no small part due to Micheal Bay insisting on an abhorrently expensive production schedule/operation, so they cost several hundred billion to make in the first place). Many people cite Sony/Columbia's lack of any real movie franchise to speak of as proof that either their Columbia operation or even Sony period will no longer exist in a few years, if that (Ghostbusters was supposed to be this but we saw what kind of spectacular failure that was - and before you bring it up, no, apparently the PS4 isn't enough to keep the company afloat, not with extremely strong competition from XB1 and Switch). Of course aforementioned Paramount has the aforementioned Transformers, but 1.) like I said, the last movie is being seen as showing that that franchise has some huge chinks in its armor, and 2.) the prevailing attitude is that a franchise isn't successful unless it rakes in a near-trillion, at least. That's the unfortunate truth as business ventures tend to boil down all of their operations to absolute maximum profit potential only, and seriously think the only alternative is bankruptcy (this at least partially explains why the state of "Triple-A Video Games" is so abysmal, and both the Borg-like nature of Disney [or those just aforementioned "Triple-A Video Games Studios"] and why something like 95% of their profit portfolio is represented by the MCU and Star Wars). I'm not convinced networks are really interested in television franchises anymore - or rather, not ones that 1.) either directly feed off or into movie franchises (Agents of SHIELD, which was utter garbage from literally the first episode, don't convince me otherwise, I'm an admin, deal with it) or 2.) are just detective procedurals or comedies, which tend to be super-cheap and bring in guaranteed ratings, basically the TV equivalent of a near-trillion dollar franchise. Even stuff like Stranger Things is at least a smaller-scale franchise that makes it more sustainable on TV, specifically.
  10. So uh... Starfleet Jedi might be dying.

    That's probably the way to go. Well sure, but I don't know how that's all that much different from the status quo. I feel that, and our general more goofball nature, is one thing that separates us from Spacebattles and especially Sufficient Velocity, where they basically say it's a more welcoming alternative to Spacebattles and then you go in and discover it's really run by the Gestapo. Well, I meant to say Star Wars is the super-active franchise right now and Star Trek is...circling the drain, based on both the steady dip in BOR's since the reboot and especially the major hit it took with Beyond (to the point where the rumor mill says the Tarantino movie - if Tarantino still ends up attached to it - will basically be released during a second-tier schedule like August, optimistically). But anyway, yeah needless to say Star Wars has major problems right now, not just for the verses debate specifically but just for sci-fi fandoms in general. It's become nothing short of one of the biggest franchise clusterfucks I've ever seen in my goddamn life. A lot of that franchise's problems really are similar or identical to the verses debate in a macrocosm but also what's fucking up the nation itself in a microcosm - ignoring the canon reboot that's relevant to the verses debate, or any debate of a canon reboot period, it's a massive tonal shift that's divided the fanbase and causing a lot of division. But what's making this an epic-sized clusterfuck is that rather than staying neutral and letting the fandom go at it with themselves, the actual movie creators and creative production teams and even the media (especially "the media" as it exists on social media, #FuckTwitterNews #FuckTwitterMoments) are actively choosing sides, and actively shaming effectively half the fanbase at least, to the point where they talk about "Star Wars isn't about the fans anymore." What the actual goddamn fuck? Now, don't get me wrong, I do believe the people whining about TLJ are 100% wrong. It's precisely that kind of attitude they're displaying that made me quit the verses debate in the first place, and made me largely quit the sci-fi scene, and just made me quit the Star Wars scene period as thoroughly as I had quit the verses debate scene. And the inexplicable sexism and racism against Rey and Finn back in TFA just made me super-glad I'd largely quit the Star Wars scene and left all that behind (I guess I'm not particularly bothered since, if you've been following me since the original Usenet days you know my big sci-fi story I've been working on revolves around a black chick so there you go). The only problem is that the new Star Wars creators in charge and the (social) media guys in charge who have taken sides and used their platforms to try to lord over everyone else are also 100% wrong. It's become two different sides of the fucking country engaged in a pissing match and they won't quit until they've not only won but thoroughly embarrassed the other side into submission, and they're both too much butthurt basement dwelling fucktards to back down and not just embarrass the United States as a country, and now you know just one of the reasons why I want to leave the US permanently and never raise my kids here (I mean it). And you can probably see exactly what I mean by that being the verses debate in a macrocosm. Ugh. Ugh. Also, it might just be the most overrated sci-fi franchise in history, although NeoBSG gives it a good run for its money. As it should be. It's the second (or third) most overrated sci-fi/gaming franchise in history. The first game was a complete and utter flaming mess, the "moral choices" are too binary (I fucking hate being stuck with binary choices, that's not much of a choice at all) and quite honestly are questionable regarding whether or not the moral choices are really "moral," all the characters except Shep's team act like Gestapo caricatures with extremely questionable motivations as to why, and when I voice my opinion on that, I only get flamed so fuck the fanboiz. And the "sex scandal" bullshit certainly doesn't make legitimate criticism of the first game (or subsequent games) any easier. Goddamn, fuck this country. The biggest problem with Halo (and gaming franchises in general, but especially with say CoD or Destiny, aside from Lootboxes lol) is that they mostly appeal to gamers. Gamers are too busy Twitchin' and Discordin' to really participate in communities that don't double as live video streams/full-dressed cam'ing. I'm probably the only person who liked the direction of Season 1, until the point where it became a Half-Life 1 air vent crawler you couldn't play. But Season 2 became unwatchable garbage. Again, everybody but the main characters acts like a literal mustache-twirling Gestapo/Hitler caricature, good guy or bad guy, including fucking women and children. I don't know why people like it. I'm convinced I'm the only living person on Earth with good taste anymore. This is a serious assertion. I mean, I might as well be watching Inglorious Fuckin' Basterds. Except Inglorious Basterds is actually good. Expanse S2 was Inglorious Basterds: the Nickelodeon Cartoon Series, IN SPACE! If you disagree with me on this, I'll perma-ban you.* Well, no, it didn't. That'd been more clear if I wasn't half-asleep when I wrote my post and realized I wrote Wars when I thought I wrote Trek. It just got a stay of execution, but it's crashing and burning hard. For a few reasons, not the least of which is what I honestly believe is a conspiracy theory where J.J. Abrams just used the franchise both as his bloated resume to direct the franchise he clearly wanted all along, Star Wars, and to leave that franchise a flaming wreck as a parting gift on his way out the door from Paramount/CBS onto his new Evil Empire Disney overlords (face it, both the AbramsTrek movies sucked donkey balls. And while the Orci film is a massive improvement and the guy can write a fantastic Trek episode...he can't exactly write the best Trek movie. But Orci's faults are trivial compared to the fuck-up Paramount itself did when it dumped the movie in an extremely poor theater schedule, I suspect because all the Paramount executives collectively shit their pants over the possibility of having Beyond play against Ghostbusters, not realizing that it was all artificial, overblown and over-hopeful SJW** hype and not only did Ghostbusters end up bombing harder than Beyond but was in fact the bomb of 2016. But yeah. Brb gotta take a shit*** I'll come back later. *this isn't serious BTW I just thought it'd be funny to say, kek ** for the record I consider myself an SJW but diversity and SJW causes is an extremely poor excuse to defend a lousy film. Unfortunately political causes seem to be a legitimate factor in determining the quality of a movie, if not the overriding factor. SMH, fucking America. *** and when I do it I'm going to visualize literally doing it all over this country, because 98% of the citizens living in it already practically do.
  11. So uh... Starfleet Jedi might be dying.

    I'm not surprised. I really hate to say it but between the official sites and Spacebattles, there just isn't enough interest or sustainability for other sites. Even Stardestroyer.net is practically dead, and it's too early to tell on Sufficient Velocity but...that site's pretty terribad all the same. The verses debate specifically has waned if not in hospice care, and there's a ton of factors going into it: the waning interest in Star Wars EDIT: D'oh! I meant Star TREK! (face it, the reboot only at best temporarily saved that franchise from circling the drain, if box office trends from all three movies and especially the last one are any indication), the relative obscurity of other franchises (I think the biggest sci-fi franchise going on right now besides Trek and Wars is Doctor Who, and that's a very poor franchise when it comes to verses debating - beyond that you'll have niche franchises with tiny presences in comparison, and many if not most of those anymore are going to be video games) and quite frankly the inherently poisonous nature of the verses debate and verses debate communities themselves (it's why I've basically quit and regret pissing away my high school years on it). Of course, Raul Julia as General Bison-style, the KirkSkywalker/StarTrekStarWars is a blatant example of that. The entire verses community at Spacebattles is a good example of that. Everything SDN has ever stood for, and everything Micheal Wong has stood for in the sci-fi scene has been a good example of that. And even today, most of the verses community is basically just Internet one-upping, which is *real* productive I really don't get it, and when I finally realized what was going on (too me literally years) I realized what kind of massive waste of time it was. Even just this past week when I went back to Spacebattles and even just the debates in Non-SciFi. Constantly ignoring evidence and linkbacks and basically just insisting that I take their word for it. And for what? Are we changing the world or even opinion (or at least opinion that's worth a damn) by pecking at each other on an online sub-board? Hell no. That's as ludicrous as Spaceballs One going plaid. And yes I know what I say effects the outlook of this very community and board as well. The most sustainable ways are to try to have broad appeal, and just dumb luck, which is why I'm grateful Tyralak hasn't given up yet. As for thoughts on Starfleet Jedi himself, well, we can always host him here of course.
  12. Well, I've always wanted to be a writer since high school (back when I first joined the *original* ASVS, yeah) and after plopping down thousands of dollars to learn the craft at the *graduate* level I guess I...better not waste my monies. Someone told me that a good way to practice your craft and especially avoid the issues endemic to the "practice novel" is to write "canon fanfiction" and so that's what I'll do. And since I want to be a young adult author (don't ask) I'll write canon young adult fanfiction! So here's a list of fanfiction I plan to write: - A fan novelization of the movie "Ice Princess" I really like this movie, it's a script written by Meg Cabot, and Michelle Trachtenberg kinda reminds me of my ex so seems like a great opportunity! - A fan novelization of the series "Cobblestone Corridor" It's a teen drama series on PBS so...sure! - A novelization of a fan script I wrote for the Disney Channel series "Liv and Maddie" Ummm...maybe I should quit here while I'm ahead. - A fanfiction of the Thrawn Trilogy, to fit somewhere in between the books, using only characters and objects/ships canon to the Thrawn Trilogy no original characters (maybe) - A fanfiction of Star Trek, either of something that can fit within the novels or series, or a fan novelization of an episode (maybe) And hey, maybe I'll actually finish some of my pre-existing fanfiction!
  13. That's not going to happen. That's a logistical impossibility. I'll also address that when I compose my response to Brian's video.
  14. Just to inform you a full analysis of Brian's video *may* be coming soon. In all fairness I don't want to just leave Brian hanging on forever like this with such accusations against the accuracy of his video un-elaborated, but I *do* have much higher life priorities going on right now (an emergency job search, for starters).