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  1. Creatures that tank blasters

    what is this i dont even
  2. Well duh, it's Jason.
  3. Anton Chekhov vs Alfred Bester

    Pavel Checkov was the helmsman from TOS. Anton Checkov is a highly noted Russian author.
  4. Raycav, are you responsible for this?

    ....hue hue hue.....
  5. Aficionado given THREE YEAR prison term for stiffing joint!

    ...three years for not even $70 bucks.... Should've just paid them.
  6. You are Raycav and you are drunk

    ...oh come on.... BTW enigma if you don't post in the new board you're permabanned. Completely serious.
  7. Khas-Approved Anime

    Not. Even. Once. Dot. Jay. Pee. Gee. True. Also true.
  8. Rules For Moderators

    oh shit I probably violated each of those rules like a shit-ton of times
  9. Star Trek XII Analysis Thread (SPOILERS!!)

    Star Trek Into Darkness is THE MOST FRAKKIN' AWESOME MOVIE EXPERIENCE OF MY WHOLE DAMN LIFE. No joke. Also I'm sure it's been discussed but it looks like we now officially have a Federation Star Destroyer (equivalent). And in "TOS" era no less (note the quotes though)
  10. You are Raycav and you are drunk

    oh come on....
  11. Khas-Approved Anime

  12. Anton Chekhov vs Alfred Bester

    ...the author guy...vs. a pscyhic who can kill people with said powers? Um k.
  13. The RayCav

    I don't know if I should be impressed or worried, Tyr. BTW I'm busy trying to recon the whole situation, I'll inform you guys later. Also hue hue hue hue hue
  14. Raycav, are you responsible for this?

    hue hue hue .....
  15. What are you reading?

    Oh yeah, I suppose I should get to that. Anyway I thought it was...ok, but honestly a little overrated. Certainly better than the massive pile of crap that makes up most of the EU. I did also read Outbound Flight though (in fact I read it over the course of one day - May the 4th, appropriately enough ) Oddly enough I liked that book a lot better - in fact it's one of the finest sci-fi books I've ever read, period. Yeah, I'm not kidding. I guess I could really hardcore participate in this thread if I wanted to. I've been reading an average of three books per week since the New Year began - four books per week since October. Maybe I'll get to that, though the vast majority of the books I've been reading have been, well...a bit of a different taste, I guess you can say.