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  1. The Portal Conflict.

    A team of badasses on a rig with an eldritch abomination? Ooh, getting shades of John Carpenters "The Thing" mixed with James Cameron's "Aliens". Yes please. I want that. -Respectfully, Commodore Krevin
  2. Which universes can Star Wars beat?

    Hey Praeo! Also good to see another face from StarfleetJedi. As for your argument: Bah! The Empire will just unleash the furry horde of Ewoks whose primitive, kinetic based stone age weapons the Borg will have no hope of adapting too. XD -Respectfully, Commodore Krevin
  3. How should we proceed with the elements of magic?

    Ah...didn't know that about the Chinese element system. Ultimately it will be up to what you and your brother find the most "fun" to play. Myself I'm inclined towards the more traditional Western system but that's me. If the seven element-system comes more naturally to you, my advise would be to pick it. -Respectfully, Sonofccn
  4. How should we proceed with the elements of magic?

    Well, and this is just my opinion, but specifically having a plant/wood element and a Metal element in addition to the more traditional Air/Wind/Fire/Earth types I don't know...somehow strikes me as counter-intuitive. Oddly specific while everything else is more of a broad, general classification. For whatever it is worth, I think staying with the five-element system is better if you prefer to keep things simple and workable. But admittedly I'm not much of a Tabletop RPG guy, other than Call of Cthulhu, so I may be wrong in my summation. Anyway, best of luck regardless. -Respectfully, Commodore Krevin
  5. Which universes can Star Wars beat?

    I was primarily thinking of the Galactic Empire vs the Council Races, yes. Admittedly most of my knowledge of Mass Effect is second hand so please bear with me if that conclusion is off-kilter. I'm not disagreeing with you concerning the Reapers but, as someone again of limited knowledge of the verse, may I ask for you to elaborate on why you believe this? -Respectfully, Commodore Krevin
  6. Which universes can Star Wars beat?

    Well since I didn't see them mentioned, and apologies if I simply overlooked it, I'd tentatively suggest Mass Effect. The Empire would probably lose one on one, and on ground would lose in an utter curbstomp, but they could drown the Council Races in Imperial Star Destroyers plus any older Venators they haven't put into mothballs. Hyperdrive would also allow the Imperials more flexible deployment compared to the fixed relay network used by Mass Effect races. My thoughts, at least. -Respectfully, Commodore Krevin
  7. Which universes can Star Wars beat?

    Ah. Thanks, that's what I wanted to know. Also, hi Khas! Its me, Sonofccn. -Respectfully, Commodore Krevin
  8. Which universes can Star Wars beat?

    Trek too, they don't have any real material advantages over SW beyond the NR 90% disarmament. The Empire has more ISDs than the alpha quadrant has ships Please excuse any intrusion on my part but I was curious if you could elaborate. Specifically how are you calculating ship numbers respectfully? Perhaps I'm out of date but the most explicit reference I know of, before it was rendered non-canon, was the "twenty-five thousand" Star Destroyers line from "Specter of the Past". Sorry if I'm just being ignorant here, but I am curious. -Respectfully, Commodore Krevin