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      EVERYBODY READ - This is our new policy regarding spambots   02/04/2018

      Here's the thing about the spambot situation - it is literally physically impossible for me to catch up with them. I don't know what about this board attracts them so much (although this is a common problem with Spacebattles, Sufficient Velocity and other boards - they just don't actually post there for some reason, maybe they have better software or something) or what to do to control it. I don't have a lot of tools to deal with the situation, and even far, far less time. The *only* practical solution is to just tell you guys to ignore them and don't click on any links they post - *especially* when they're written in the style of a paragraph but bizarrely formatted in list format, and *especially* when they're written in Russian (or Turkish, or whatever language is unreadable for most Americans who don't hail from the oppressive side of the Iron Curtain or an international studies degree). In other words, I won't be doing any actions anymore. *Because I can't.* I apologize for the inconvenience. 


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  1. The Yuuzhan Vong in TCW

    So apparently, a Yuuzhan Vong scout was originally set to appear in TCW. http://screencrush.com/star-wars-clone-wars-unused-art-yuuzhan-vong-boba-fett/ So.... should the Vong return to canon?
  2. The ASVS Revitalization Project

    And the occasional "Versus", just in case someone has an idea for a match. Also, will the main story be hosted on the forum, or will we expand the site to allow for it, much like how Spacebattles, Starfleet Jedi, and SDN have/had more to their sites than just the forum?
  3. The ASVS Revitalization Project

    So, instead of "Versus", I take it these will be our focus/foci: - A "Main Story", like TFC - just with less fur. - Fanfics - Roleplaying - Art - Original Fiction - Technical Analyses - Shitposting
  4. The ASVS Revitalization Project

    They'll be shared here too. As I said, this is a "Main Story" for ASVS, as we revitalize it and celebrate 21 active years (counting the Usenet group).
  5. The ASVS Revitalization Project

    Alright, now here come the playable races for each faction: United Federation of Planets: Human Vulcan Andorian Tellarite Caitian Efrosian Bolian Betazoid Bajoran Klingon Benzite Ferengi Trill Talaxian Liberated Borg (Human) Pakled Saurian Denobulan Rigelian Aenar Xindi-Primate Xindi-Arboreal Xindi-Reptilian Kelpien Iotian Custom Race Klingon Empire: Klingon Gorn Orion Nausicaan Lethean Ferasan Liberated Borg (Klingon) Custom Race Romulan Republic: Romulan Reman Liberated Borg (Romulan) Custom Race Cardassian Union: Cardassian Ferengi Alliance: Ferengi Tal Shiar: Romulan True Way Alliance: Cardassian Jem'Hadar Vorta Changeling New Republic: Human Twi'lek Wookiee Togruta Rodian Zabrak Mon Calamari Quarren Ithorian Duros Pantoran Talz Sullustan Abednedo Toydarian Gungan Droid Custom Race Resistance: Human Twi'lek Wookiee Mon Calamari Abednedo Sullustan Droid Custom Race Chiss Ascendancy: Chiss First Order: Human Droid Civilian/Mercenary/Bounty Hunter/Smuggler: All of the Above Races, as well as: Breen Tholian Tzenkethi Hirogen Neimoidian Zygerrian Custom Race
  6. The ASVS Revitalization Project

    Okay - here are some rules for the users and their characters for the main "story". 1: People can have multiple characters. 2: Characters will be divided by faction - first by franchise, then by alignment - "heroic" or "villainous". And now, the list of factions from the two franchises: Star Trek: - Heroic: -- United Federation of Planets -- Klingon Empire -- Romulan Republic -- Cardassian Union -- Ferengi Alliance - Villainous: -- True Way Alliance -- Tal Shiar Star Wars: - Heroic: -- New Republic -- Resistance -- Chiss Ascendancy - Villainous: -- First Order Both (as in, both Trek AND Wars, and both heroic AND villainous): -- Civilian -- Pirate -- Mercenary -- Bounty Hunter -- Smuggler Next Post will have the races for each faction that members can choose from.
  7. So, I've been talking with Tyralak, RayCav, and others, and we've reached one inescapable conclusion: we need to revitalize the board. The "Star Trek vs. Star Wars" debate is mostly a thing of the past now (though other "Versus" matches are welcome), and we need to find a new way to revitalize ASVS - we can't let what was once the largest Usenet group of all whither and die. So.... what was an idea we had? Simple. We shift ASVS' focus - from "Versus" to roleplaying, fanfics, art archives, technical analyses.... and a full-fledged story, similar to what TFC - the late "Trek Wars: The Furry Conflict" had. The story will be a Star Trek/Star Wars crossover (What else could it be? We still need to remember our origins.), and will involve characters created by the membership - so basically TFC, but with less fur. More details to be posted later (I will say this though - it'll use the Star Trek Online era for Star Trek - aka the early 25th century, and the Sequel Trilogy era for Star Wars). ASVS will retain its name, as well as its open attitude and loose rules. Basically, we're going to try and fill a niche that was opened nearly a decade ago, and hasn't really seen anything fill it since. Will we succeed? Who knows. But it should prove to be a worthy challenge, pass or fail. So, any thoughts?
  8. Stargate Origins

    From what I've heard Emmerich isn't involved in this. I could be wrong, though.
  9. Stargate Origins

    Looks like the Stargate franchise is going to get some new blood, albeit in a way I didn't expect: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stargate_Origins
  10. Oh, this site is still going to be called ASVS, and it's still going to be run by the people running it now. We're just going to be shifting our primary focus a bit, and maybe... expand the site?
  11. Courtesy of the Terran Empire - the Mirror Universe version of the United Federation of Planets.
  12. Set to the tune of Billy Joel's "Piano Man":
  13. Actually, from what I've heard, Star Trek: Discovery is doing fairly well, and so is Star Trek Online - Discovery's pilot alone was watched by 9.5 million viewers, and caused CBS All Access' revenues to double, so no, I wouldn't quite say that Trek is crashing and burning. Not to mention all the books, comics, and other media that are actually doing well. Also, would you believe that a lot of the racism and sexism (at least from what I've seen) in the SW fandom come from Brits?
  14. I've also had plans to reinvigorate ASVS - albeit, a lot of them involve a shift from "Versus" into a more general sci-fi/fanfic-hosting/RP site. There's also the "Atonement" idea I had. Where we try to create a welcoming - not "everybody be nice 24/7", but rather "open to new ideas" - community. But RayCav's right about the state of Sci-Fi Versus. Star Trek and Doctor Who are the only two "super-active" sci-fi franchises at the moment, and as RayCav said, Doctor Who is so wildly inconsistent that using it in "versus" is a total nightmare (not to mention the "LOL, what's continuity?" mindset the writers have). Interest in Star Wars movies is waning (though interest in Star Wars comics is going up). Stargate? That franchise sadly died with "Universe" (although it might come back if Roland Emmerich has his way). Battlestar Galactica? Dead. Firefly? Dead. Babylon 5? Might be dead, might get a reboot if the rumors I've heard are true. Lexx? Both dead AND obscure (I was one of only two kids in my entire high school who'd even HEARD of Lexx). StarCraft? Depends on whether or not StarCraft III gets made. Warhammer 40,000? While popular, even fans of that franchise admit that its community is hella toxic. Mass Effect? Dead and cremated. Halo? Still kickin', but not as hard as it once did. So... what does that leave us with? The Expanse? Dune? Not exactly the best choices... But I refuse to give up hope. Remember, franchises can come back like a phoenix rising from the ashes. Star Trek did it in 2009. Doctor Who did it in 2005. Battlestar Galactica did it in 2003. Hell, even Star Wars did it in 1991 with The Thrawn Trilogy (yes, Star Wars really was near death in the late 80's/early 90's). And maybe... just maybe... they can do it again. Maybe we can do it again, and do it right this time.