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  1. The Toonami Thread

    Alright, since Basileus and I both know, one of our favorite anime series - JoJo's Bizarre Adventure - has aired on Toonami, and its third part, "Stardust Crusaders" will begin airing on July 29th. Now, in this thread, people will discuss shows we'd like to see on Toonami. First off, I think I speak for everyone when I say "BRING BACK MEGAS XLR!". Second, I think Puella Magi Madoka Magica would be great for Toonami. Hey, if Toonami originally aired Sailor Moon, why not show a magical girl show that's actually aimed for an adult male audience (and surprisingly, contains LESS fanservice than Sailor Moon). That, and a little Lovecraftian fiction never hurt anyone, right? And maybe, just maybe, Toonami could secure the rights to Spawn: The Animated Series. Now THAT would be awesome. And maybe the "Holy Fantasy Anime Trinity" (Berserk, Slayers, and Record of Lodoss War) as well. Now, what shows would you like to see on Toonami?
  2. Here are all the planets orbiting other stars that have received proper names, listed by what star they orbit: 14 Andromedae - Spe 18 Delphini - Arion 41 Lyncis - Arkas 42 Draconis - Orbitar 47 Ursae Majoris - Taphao Thong - Taphao Kaew 51 Pegasi - Dimidium 55 Cancri - Janssen - Galileo - Brahe - Harriot - Lipperhey Epsilon Eridani - Aegir Epsilon Tauri - Amateru Fomalhaut - Dagon Gamma Cephei A - Tadmor HD 104985 - Meztli HD 149026 - Smertios HD 209458 - Osiris Iota Draconis - Hypatia Mu Arae - Dulcinea - Rocinante - Quijote - Sancho Pollux - Thestias PSR B1257+12 - Draugr - Poltergeist - Phobetor PSR B1620-26 - Methuselah Upsilon Andromedae - Saffar - Samh - Majriti Xi Aquilae - Fortitudo
  3. I'll just leave this here....
  4. Cassini Finale

    In 15 short hours, the Cassini probe, which discovered so much about the planet Saturn and its moons (especially Titan and Enceladus), will plunge into Saturn's atmosphere, and burn up. Let us give this remarkable spacecraft a moment of silence, out of respect for its discoveries, which include (but are not limited to): - Seas of liquid methane on Titan's surface. - Liquid water emerging from geysers on Enceladus. - Saturn's polar hexagon. - Answering why Iapetus is dark on one side, and light on the other (dust from another moon, Phoebe). - And a hell of a lot more. So, we bid adieu to Cassini, and all the worlds it's visited. Until the next probe...
  5. Welcome to the Forum! Now, as for which fantasy engine would best fit, my first guess would be the "giant sack full of helium elementals linked to a propeller" from "The Order of the Stick". However, those Dust-powered airship engines from "RWBY" could also work. I'll let some of the more "fantasy-experienced" members come up with their own theories.
  6. So... in this round, two time-manipulators who have a love of heavy firepower will slug it out. In this corner, from "Red vs. Blue", we have the Freelancer in White, Agent Wyoming: (With Helmet) (Without Helmet) And in the other corner, from "Puella Magi Madoka Magica", we have the gun-loving, raven-haired magical girl, Homura Akemi Now, which time-loop-causing, causality-wrecking, gun-lover will emerge victorious?
  7. Because the Predator vaporized himself and all his tech at the end, and there was no way they could study any of it to find ways to counter it.
  8. Trek Wars: Battlefront

    Well, since I can't think of anywhere else to post this, I'll post it here. Back in 2007/2008, I had an idea for a Star Trek/Star Wars crossover game that would play like Star Wars: Battlefront II. Now, I've decided to give this idea a second shot. Set in the Star Trek Online era for the Star Trek side, and the Original Trilogy era for the Star Wars side. Four factions - Federation, Klingon, Rebel, and Empire. There would be five classes of pilotable starfighter (Staple Fighter, Interceptor, Bomber, Raider, and Transport), eight classes of Infantry (Basic Soldier, Sniper, Heavy Weapons, Engineer, Specialist 1, Specialist 2, Specialist 3, and Pilot), and two classes of Ground Vehicle for each faction. With both land and space combat modes. Well, here are the lists for them, and (in the case of starfighters, infantry, and vehicles), their weapons. Federation - Starfighters - - Peregrine-class Fighter (Staple Fighter – Phaser Cannons, Photon Torpedoes) - - Type-9 Shuttle (Interceptor – Phaser Emitters, Photonic Missiles) - - Condor-class Attack Ship (Bomber – Phaser Cannons, Photon Torpedoes) - - Stalker-class Stealth Fighter (Raider – Tetryon Cannons, Quantum Torpedoes) - - Danube-class Runabout (Transport – Phaser Emitters, Photon Torpedoes) - Frigates - - Excelsior-class Starship - - Akira-class Starship - - Defiant-class Starship - Flagship - - Jupiter-class Starship - Infantry - - M.A.C.O. (Basic Soldier – Phaser Rifle, Phaser Pistol, Photon Grenades) - - M.A.C.O. Sniper (Sniper – TR-116 Rifle, Phaser Pistol, Photon Grenades) - - M.A.C.O. Commando (Heavy Weapons – Isomagnetic Disintegrator, CRM-114, Phaser Pistol, Photon Grenades, “Houdini” Mines) - - Starfleet Engineer (Engineer – Ion Cutter, Engineering Tricorder, Phaser Pistol, Ammo Dispenser) - - Caitian Hunter (Specialist 1 – Tetryon Rifle, Tetryon Pistol, Railgun Drone Turret, Thoron Field Generator, Photon Grenades) - - Aenar Psi-Trooper (Specialist 2 – Psionic Pulse, Phaser Pistol, Illusion Projection, Photon Grenades) - - Starfleet Medic (Specialist 3 – Medical Tricorder, Hypospray, Phaser Pistol) - - Starfleet Pilot (Pilot – Phaser Pistol, Photon Grenades) - Ground Vehicles - - Argo-class Dune Buggy (Ground Vehicle 1 – Phaser Cannon) - - Vanguard-class Phaser Tank (Ground Vehicle 2 – Heavy Phaser Cannon) Klingon - Starfighters - - To’Duj-class Fighter (Staple Fighter – Disruptor Cannons, Photon Torpedoes) - - Toron-class Shuttle (Interceptor – Disruptor Emitters, Photonic Missiles) - - Naga-class Fighter (Bomber – Disruptor Cannons, Photon Torpedoes) - - Stinger-class Fighter (Raider – Disruptor Cannons, Photon Torpedoes) - - Kivra-class Shuttle (Transport – Disruptor Banks, Photon Torpedoes) - Frigates - - B’Rel-class Bird-of-Prey - - K’t’inga-class Starship - - Vor’cha-class Starship - Flagship - - Vo’Quv-class Starship - Infantry - - Klingon Warrior (Basic Soldier – Disruptor Rifle, Disruptor Pistol, Photon Grenades, Bat’leth) - - Rifleman (Sniper – Long-Range Disruptor Rifle, Disruptor Pistol, Photon Grenades) - - Honor Guard (Heavy Weapons – Disruptor Minigun, Tetryon Pulse Launcher, Bat’leth, Photon Grenades, Disruptor Pistol, “Houdini” Mines) - - Klingon Engineer (Engineer – Ion Cutter, Engineering Tricorder, Disruptor Pistol, Ammo Dispenser) - - Targ Handler (Specialist 1 – Disruptor Rifle, Photon Grenades, War Targ Pack) - - Orion Matron (Specialist 2 – Disruptor Pistols, Photon Grenades, Pheromones) - - Dahar Master (Specialist 3 – Disruptor Pistols, Bat’leth, Photon Grenades) - - Klingon Pilot (Pilot – Disruptor Pistol, Photon Grenades) - Ground Vehicles - - K’sal-class APC (Ground Vehicle 1 – Disruptor Turrets) - - Kang-class Disruptor Battery (Ground Vehicle 2 – Heavy Disruptor Cannon) Rebel - Starfighters - - X-Wing (Staple Fighter – Laser Cannons, Proton Torpedoes) - - A-Wing (Interceptor – Blaster Cannons, Concussion Missiles) - - Y-Wing (Bomber – Laser Cannons, Proton Torpedoes) - - B-Wing (Raider – Laser Cannons, Proton Torpedoes) - - U-Wing (Transport – Laser Cannons, Proton Torpedoes) - Frigates - - GR75 Transport - - CR90 Corvette - - Nebulon-B Frigate - Flagship - - MC80 Mon Cal Cruiser - Infantry - - Rebel Trooper (Basic Soldier – Blaster Rifle, Blaster Pistol, Thermal Detonators) - - Rebel Marksman (Sniper – E-17d Sniper Rifle, Blaster Pistol, Thermal Detonators) - - Rebel Vanguard (Heavy Weapons – HH-15 Rocket Launcher, Blaster Pistol, Thermal Detonators, 3HX3 Mines) - - Smuggler (Engineer – Blaster Cannon, Fusion Cutter, Detpack, Ammo Dispenser) - - Bothan Spy (Specialist 1 – Incinerator Rifle, Stealth Field Generator, Regenerating Health, Blaster Pistol, TB-47 Time Bomb) - - Wookiee Warrior (Specialist 2 – Wookiee Bowcaster, HH-4 Grenade Launcher, Thermal Detonators, Mark IV Recon Droid) - - Droideka (Specialist 3 – Twin-Linked Blaster Cannons, Deflector Shield Generator) - - Rebel Pilot (Pilot – Blaster Pistol, Thermal Detonators) - Ground Vehicles - - Snowspeeder (Ground Vehicle 1 – Twin Blaster Cannons) - - AAC-1 Hover Tank (Ground Vehicle 2 – Multiple Rocket Launchers) Empire - Starfighters - - TIE Fighter (Staple Fighter – Laser Cannons, Proton Torpedoes) - - TIE Interceptor (Interceptor – Blaster Cannons, Concussion Missiles) - - TIE Bomber (Bomber – Laser Cannons, Proton Torpedoes) - - TIE Defender (Raider – Laser Cannons, Concussion Missiles) - - Lambda-class Shuttle (Transport – Laser Cannons, Proton Torpedoes) - Frigates - - Arquitens-class Light Cruiser - - Gozanti-class Cruiser - - Victory-class Star Destroyer - Flagship - - Imperial-class Star Destroyer - Infantry - - Stormtrooper (Basic Soldier – Blaster Rifle, Blaster Pistol, Thermal Detonators) - - Scout Trooper (Sniper – E-11 Sniper Rifle, Repeating Blaster Pistol, Thermal Detonators) - - Shock Trooper (Heavy Weapons – PTL Rocket Launcher, Repeating Blaster, Thermal Detonators, KE-6b Mines) - - Imperial Engineer (Engineer – Blast Cannon, Fusion Cutter, Detpack, Ammo Dispenser) - - Imperial Officer (Specialist 1 – Sonic Blaster, V-6d Mortar Launcher, Rage, Mark IV Recon Droid, Thermal Detonators) - - Death Trooper (Specialist 2 – Heavy Blaster Rifle, Light Repeating Blaster, Fragmentation Grenades) - - Enforcer Droid (Specialist 3 – Heavy Blaster Rifle, Computer Interface Arm, Thermal Detonators) - - Imperial Pilot (Pilot – Blaster Pistol, Thermal Detonators) - Ground Vehicles - - AT-ST (Ground Vehicle 1 – Twin Blaster Cannons) - - AT-AT (Ground Vehicle 2 – 2 Heavy Blaster Cannons, 2 Triple Blaster Cannons) Unlike Battlefront II, however, you would get to pick both who you were playing as AND who your enemy was. So, you wouldn't necessarily have Federation-vs-Klingon or Rebel-vs-Empire matches. There could also be 2-vs-2 matches, 3-vs-3, or even 4-vs-4. So, hypothetically, you could have a Federation/Klingon/Rebel/Empire tag-team fighting another Federation/Klingon/Rebel/Empire tag-team. However, there would be one mode different from Battlefront. Survival Mode. In this mode, after you chose your faction and class (for ground combat, in space, you'd just choose your faction), you'd find yourself as part of a joint Federation/Klingon/Rebel/Imperial task force, or rather, what was left of one. Seems most of your army or fleet was wiped out by either the Borg or Species 8472, and now, whoever's left has to survive the onslaught. These "Survival" matches will be set at creepy places like Mustafar, Dathomir, Dagobah, or Empok Nor. So, yes, imagine fighting the Borg or Species 8472 at any of those places (especially Mustafar) while music like the following plays:
  9. My Homebrew Setting

    Alright, now come the elves. Standard three sub-races: high elf, dark elf, and wood elf. Culturally, the high elves are based off of the Byzantine Empire (especially the part where they used to rule a massive empire, but now control only one island). The wood elves are mostly based on the Celts (surprise, surprise), and are the elves who get along best with humanity and other races - the main wood elf kingdom is located in the far west, just to the north of the Lokawe tribe lands, but quite a few also live in Sturmheim. And finally, the dark elves. Might be standard-issue "edgy" elves, might be something different. Still don't know yet. As for the elves' appearances, well, they more or less have standard elvish appearance (pointed ears, lithe, about six feet tall), but with some variations. High elves: Fair-skinned, with blue eyes, and either red, white, or yellow/blonde hair. Wood elves: Olive-skinned, with green or brown eyes, and green or brown hair. Dark elves: Bluish-gray-skinned, with red eyes, and blue, purple, or black hair. Next up, the dwarfs!
  10. My Homebrew Setting

    Or rather, the Homebrew my brother and I have. My brother and I are working on a Homebrew Tabletop RPG setting (as some of you know, courtesy of that magic system thread), and while he's working on the "crunch" (mechanics), and I'm working on the "fluff" (lore and setting). So, for the first part of the setting, we have the races: The Intentionally Created Races, and the Unintentionally Created Races. The Intentionally Created Races: Humans, Elves, Dwarfs, Halflings, and Lizardmen These are the races the gods deliberately peopled the world with, by shaping the Elements in the right combinations and forms, and then bestowing souls upon them. The first race to be created were the lizardmen. The elves and dwarfs came next, created at about the same time. The humans showed up after them. The halflings are the youngest created race. The first race we'll cover are humans. Just because. Humans are divided into six main nations, with multiple small villages existing outside them. The six main nations are: Sturmheim (based off of Late Medieval/Early Renaissance Germany) Gallicia (based off of Late Medieval/Early Renaissance France) Tisaelia (based off of Late Medieval/Early Renaissance Italy) Wu Qin (based off of Imperial China) Burundwana (based off of the Mali Empire) Lokawe Tribes (based off of the Plains Indians - mostly the Sioux) Sturmheim, Gallicia, and Tisaelia are known as the Northern Kingdoms (even though only Gallicia is technically a kingdom - Sturmheim is ruled by an Emperor, and Tisaelia is a Republic). Wu Qin is often referred to as "The Empire of the East", because, well, it's based off of China, and far to the east. Despite being far to the east of the Northern Kingdoms, trade DOES exist between the two regions - both by sea, and the land route known as the "Road of the Two Emperors" - since the road was first commissioned by Emperor Hans IV Gessler of Sturmheim, and Emperor Chang Li of Wu Qin nearly two thousand years ago. Burundwana is often called the Southern Kingdom, again, for obvious reasons - what with it being in the Africa-analog region. Trade between Burundwana, Wu Qin, and the Northern Kingdoms is regular, and in fact, Burundwana, much like the IRL Mali Empire, is less concerned with conquering territory than it is with controlling the trade routes. And finally, the Western Tribes, or the Lokawe. While not as technologically advanced as the other human nations (especially the Northern Kingdoms), they have learned how to make and use gunpowder weapons, albeit nowhere near to the extent of the others. They are, however, experts in light cavalry warfare, and close allies with multiple spirit beings - several of which are demigods. That, and have close ties with the wood elves. Next post, the elves.
  11. Trek Wars: Battlefront

    Heh. That could be one of the mods. Creating Gungan and Pakled armies. Oh, there could be a "cooperation" mode, where Federation, Klingon, Rebel, and Imperial players all team up to fight the computer-controlled Gungan and Pakled forces.
  12. Trek Wars: Battlefront

    So Jason, which army would you play? Federation, Klingon, Rebel, or Empire?
  13. Trek Wars: Battlefront

    Actually, I'm using the Star Trek Online lore that said that the MACO program was eventually reactivated, in light of the threats posed by the Borg, Undine/Species 8472, and Iconians.
  14. Well, ever since "Rebels" began reintroducing various things to canon (Interdictor Cruisers, TIE Defenders, Grand Admiral Thrawn, etc), I've been wondering what else will make it back into canon. Well, in this thread, we'll list the things we want to see return to Star Wars canon. I'll start. 1: E-Wing, K-Wing, and maybe T-Wing starfighters. Just because I've always liked the E-Wing and K-Wing. 2: Metal-Crystal Phase-Shifters. Always liked that weapon, was unique compared to the other weapons in SW. 3: The Yuuzhan Vong. Okay, I'm probably in the minority here, but I feel that if they were revamped (and the pointlessly "edgy" aspects dropped), the Yuuzhan Vong would make a great addition to the new SW canon. That, and they were originally supposed to appear in TCW. 4: Mara Jade. 5: Gilad Pellaeon. Now, this is going to make me seem like a Turbo-Heretic, but, since I never played the KOTOR games... I honestly don't care all that much if Revan returns to canon or not. There are also a few things that I really wish would remain Non-Canon. Namely, the Sun King, Snow King, Leaf Queen, Flower Queen, and Season Scepter from the "Ewoks" cartoon. Traviss' Mandalorian-fangirling can also remain in "Legends". So can Jaxxon. And Daala. And the Galaxy Gun, World Devastators, Sun Crusher, and whatever other superweapons Palpatine kept pulling out of his ass. And C-3PX. And IG-88's plan to upload himself into the second Death Star's computer core. And the "Legacy of the Force" series. And... screw it, 95% of everything in Legends.
  15. I really only included the Galaxy Gun due to it being one of the seemingly endless number of superweapons that would show up. It wasn't so much about not having something that could do what the Galaxy Gun did, as it was commentary on the "oh look, ANOTHER Imperial superweapon!" plots of the early EU.
  16. It's just that that trope is a personal favorite of mine. Especially if the characters find themselves in the crossfire between the demons and the eldritch abominations.
  17. The mechanics look good so far. As for the nature of the supernatural things, well... might I suggest taking a look at this trope? http://tvtropes.org/Main/AngelsDevilsAndSquid
  18. Okay, given that we see that Disney's new canon has significantly nerfed Star Wars firepower (not counting superweapons like the Death Star or Starkiller Base), well, we have to ask ourselves - which sci-fi universes can Star Wars defeat in ship-to-ship firepower? Here are my guesses: Star Wars can defeat: Firefly New Battlestar Galactica (at least, until the nukes start flying) Cowboy Bebop Star Wars might defeat: Babylon 5 (at least, the younger races - if only because of shields. Elder races, like the Vorlons and Shadows should have no problem with SW ships - to say nothing about what the Thirdspace Aliens can do) Any other universes that SW can actually win against?
  19. There actually are Imperial worlds that defect to the Tau in 40K - they just tend to either be right on the Tau border, or get Exterminatus'd. But the real reason that more Imperial worlds don't defect to the Tau has to do with the fact that the Tau Empire is TINY compared to the Imperium, and thus, many Imperial citizens have no idea that the Tau even exist.
  20. Caillou's Ebolaween 2014

    This is hilariously dirty.
  21. Actually splitting it up like that was my brother's idea, not mine.
  22. My brother and I were working on a magic system for a Tabletop RPG, and we hit a little snag. When discussing spells regarding plants and metal, we weren't able to decide if we should make Wood and Metal their own elements, or if we should have it so that some plant spells would fall under Earth, while others would fall under Water, and that some metal spells would fall under Fire, and others under Earth. So, do we go with a 5-element system (Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Spirit) or a 7-element system (Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Wood, Metal, Spirit)?
  23. Darth Chimera's Photo Album - NSFW

    Video, rather than Photo. Still counts, though. Enterprise meets Obi-Wan.mp4
  24. Well, now that Ric has recovered, all I can say is this: