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      The Orville >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ad infinium >>>>>>> ST: Discovery (aka Star Trek: PTSD) and Tilly is still a meme character. Carry on.
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      Memorial Announcement for Gear of Troll Kingdom   04/02/2018

      As far as I'm aware he wasn't a member but some members of this board crossed over. Khas has told me he died of cancer, and regardless what community he will be missed.
    • Commander RayCav

      PLEASE READ - tagging me on Facebook and my retirement   04/09/2018

      It has come to my attention that I'm being tagged on Facebook posts by members of ASVS including the administration and moderatorship here. As I use that Facebook profile strictly for professional development...I have to request that you guys stop. I'm not kidding when I say it might become a serious liability, especially since I work in an industry extremely sensitive to things we joke about here. And with that, it has also come to my attention that the entire Commander RayCav persona has also become a liability towards my continued professional development - and so as of this moment I've decided to permanently retire it. I'm shutting this account down and I'm surrendering all moderatorship and administratorship responsibilities and privileges. I'll reregister under a new name as a regular member.

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  1. (Well, setting up this game took longer than I expected it to. Trying to figure out the plot and rules and other details was a bit tough. I just have to add two things to the rules. First, someone told me that the guards would normally only be armed with non-lethal weapons like a baton and/or a taser. The only time you will be carrying your guns will be up top on the deck and in the bridge. The lethal weapons will be in a locker with a retina scanner. The second thing is that your PCs can get killed or seriously injured. Don't get too worried, it's not going to be a meat grinder or anything like that. I want you to win. I just want to put in a risk factor. Okay, let's start this game that I call "Black Smoke Over Blue Water") https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S_B2h_rMTK8 Early morning, the cold of the Arabian night was giving way to the dry heat of the desert sun. The sun was already warming up the 25 miles of black highway that connects the Qatari capital of Doha to the Umm Said industrial area. A column of five vans are heading down this road. A common sight to see, which is a good thing for the contractors of Clear Water. Even though Qatar is far from the hell holes of Afghanistan and Iraq, it helps to be discreet, especially since the country just gained its trust back with its Arabian neighbors. Maxergy was one of the first foreign oil companies to take advantage of the lift of the embargo. And Maxergy need it since they had one of there ships got damaged and another they have to pay a ransom in secret. Maxergy was one of the first foreign oil companies to take advantage of the lift of the embargo. And Maxergy needed to, since one of their ships had been damaged by pirates, and they had to pay a ransom in secret for another. You are riding in a van with your coworkers, waiting to arrive at your destination. Murtada Asim, one of the riflemen and former sailor of the Royal Jordanian Navy, is trying his best to get more sleep, but the occasional bump in the pavement kept waking him up, making him mutter in Arabic. Another rifleman, or should we say woman, a former Brazilian Highway Policewoman named Andreia Silvia, is taking pictures of the scenery and typing on her smartphone. A British Marine named Adam Baker, who is the designated marksman, is listening to what sounded like trip-hop on his phone. The machine gunner, a big Polish man called Marek Eliasz, is reading "Cell" from Stephen King. Judging by the look on his face, he doesn't look like he's enjoying the story. And finally Hannu Tommi, who worked for Finnish Security Intelligence Service as a surveillance equipment technician, was just staring out the window. What do you do to pass the time until you arrive at the ship?