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WHy not speical force train deal with the Predators in that science fiction world

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Let face in that movies it not like military not know they existed. While one might argue that very hard to pick in practice easily pick with the right weapon very easily to kill. First equipment need recommend first good armor anyone thing armor work thing again. When Predator ray weapon hit soldier gun it saw sparks maybe caught little fire saw him using latter. Means even soldier have wear heavy armor. Since soldier gun take take hit Predator weapon get burn even knock ground smell amount mental . Armor made tough enough withstand a Predator ray gun in practice. Each soldier need wear it all around them be little sluggish it provide protect ray gun. Or us shields match way roman did having each man shield protect other turn square formation with shields. They might want for the must part us hand grenade and the shield themselves might well have guns on them. Or likely rocket launcher or machine gun. 

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8 hours ago, Khas said:

Because the Predator vaporized himself and all his tech at the end, and there was no way they could study any of it to find ways to counter it.

And the fact that that you have one survivor covered in mud and possibly his own shit talking all kinds of crazy shit about some kind of invisible Vagina face with tusks that killed the rest of his highly trained and heavily armed squad.

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In Predator 2 you right do have team that was somewhat will equipment capture him.  I sorry thinking more about second Aliens vrs Predator movie. However right were equipment to try compare him one piece.

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