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Reconciling Star Trek: Enterprise's and TOS's disparate design aesthetics

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Kilroy    0

So as you will recall if you've seen both Star Trek and Star Trek: Enterprise, the NX-01 looks anachronistically "advanced" compared to NCC-1701, both on the inside and on the outside.


So here's my mental gymnastication (muwhahaha) to explain the apparent anachronism:


NCC-1701's exterior is ruggedized. Simple as that. Thicker hull, possibly armored in some way, with all the greeblies packed on the inside instead of sticking out on the exterior.


When it comes to the displays and control surfaces -- I admit this one is more of a stretch -- the "visual record" (and we know that we keep them as per "The Menagerie") obfuscates the displays and control surfaces to prevent hostile nation-states from scrubbing through the footage and getting information from it that Starfleet doesn't want them to have. So the control surfaces only look like colored jelly beans and the displays only appear to reflect uninformative primary-colored blinking lights because those portions of the footage have undergone the 23rd century version of having been pixelated.

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Commander RayCav    12,015

I think Disco has the right idea and the best solution - just retcon everything so that the TAS Enterprise is now the TOS Enterprise. At this point it's the most practical solution we're gonna get.

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