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    • paul

      ATTN: BLACKFOOT   08/20/2017

      Please register a new account. Tyralak will explain once you do. Thank you for shopping at Walmart.
    • Commander RayCav

      Hey   11/06/2017

      Guess what? Come here. A little closer. Yeah, now lean in. Ok, I have something to tell you: I HAVE GODDAMN ADMIN POWERS! CLAUS FUCKING KELLERMAN! GO WATCH OR GET BANNED (NO JOKE)   Also FUCK YOU!

A few years late, I know...

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But it still needs to be posted.


On December 31, 2014, Flaglerchat died of cancer.


We no longer have to worry about him being a threat to this board or its members.


For those who never met him, Flaglerchat (real name: Patrick Mannix, Sr.) was a troll?  Nuisance?  Total cunt?  Who's "schtick" consisted of finding other people's personal info and pictures, and posting them.


More info on Flaglerchat can be found on his Encyclopedia Dramatica page, here: https://encyclopediadramatica.rs/Flaglerchat


And so, without further ado, I'd  like to say two words in memory of Flaglerchat.


Good riddance.

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Another reason Flaglerchat's death was/is celebrated is because of the fact that he made multiple people's lives hell, especially with his stalking, harassing, and frivolous lawsuits.


So, all in all, December 31, 2014 marked a day when the human gene pool was improved significantly.

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