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Star Trek: Discovery - Official Trailer

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Well, folks, it's out! The visuals look absolutely gorgeous, the acting seems adequate. Unfortunately, I see some problems here. The look is very Kelvin Timeline, and CBS insisted this will be a Prime Universe show. The tech more closely resembles a 29th century timeship than a 23rd century deep space vessel. The Klingons do not look right at all. According to canon, the smooth heads should be dominant now. Unless of course these are some ancient throwbacks.
I really am rooting for this show, and I desperately want it to be good. I'm of course going to give it a chance, but I get a bad initial vibe from it. I'm looking forward to seeing more.


Here's the link to the official release trailer - http://www.cbs.com/shows/star-trek-discovery/video/LeDfVOm_JkJcYJF9ju2izuFJBnF_qJsG/star-trek-discovery-first-look-trailer/


For those of you outside of North America (Or possibly even just the US) I downloaded it at put it on my Google Drive. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8-ZdhavfgRzb1g5WG9ZbWdMRGc/view

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Actually, according to the (admittedly non-canon) novels detailing TOS and "The Lost Era" (everything between Star Trek VI and "Encounter at Farpoint"), not all Klingons were affected by the virus, with the "HemQuch" and "QuchHa'" sub-species: the HemQuch were those who retained their head ridges, while the QuchHa' were those who lost theirs.  Maybe that will finally become canon now.

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Looks nice.  Not sure how I feel about the Klingons being bald, but it could be a crew who shaved their heads as a way of showing off that they still had ridges.  Sort of a "pride at being unaltered" thing.

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