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Blackfoot's: "Dallas Cowboys Thread" 2017

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America's team preseason schedule:

Game #1: Arizona 18  🆚 Dallas 20

Game #2: Dallas 10 🆚 LA Rams 13

August 19: Indianapolis 🆚 Dallas 

August 26: Oakland 🆚 Dallas 

August 31: Dallas 🆚 Houston 

On my books it looks like Dallas could go 5-0. But this is preseason football. 



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Game #1: Dallas (20) - Arizona (18).

Pretty nice game. Arizona lead 15-7 at the half.

Kellen Moore and Cooper Rush were impressive as possible backups.

Overall Dallas looked good today.

The defense in my opinion need some work.

Tony Romo is a NFL broadcaster nowadays.



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Another blow for America's team.

Ezekiel Elliott has been suspended for six games for violating the league's conduct policy.

Dammit...one year in the NFL and made at least 1,000,000 💲.

Jerry don't want to win SuperBowls.

I think The Cowboys rather loose than win under Jerry's ownership.

Because win or loose, The Dallas Cowboys will always be.....

America's Team.

Still I want those SuperBowls!


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The NFL Players Association announced it has appealed the six games suspension for Elliott.

The hearing will be held on August-29.

The NFL announced the suspension Friday after a 13-month investigation.

The NFL can penalize a player even without legal charges 

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