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My Homebrew Setting

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Khas    12,129

Or rather, the Homebrew my brother and I have.


My brother and I are working on a Homebrew Tabletop RPG setting (as some of you know, courtesy of that magic system thread), and while he's working on the "crunch" (mechanics), and I'm working on the "fluff" (lore and setting).


So, for the first part of the setting, we have the races: The Intentionally Created Races, and the Unintentionally Created Races.


The Intentionally Created Races: Humans, Elves, Dwarfs, Halflings, and Lizardmen

These are the races the gods deliberately peopled the world with, by shaping the Elements in the right combinations and forms, and then bestowing souls upon them.

The first race to be created were the lizardmen.

The elves and dwarfs came next, created at about the same time.

The humans showed up after them.

The halflings are the youngest created race.


The first race we'll cover are humans.  Just because.


Humans are divided into six main nations, with multiple small villages existing outside them.

The six main nations are:

Sturmheim (based off of Late Medieval/Early Renaissance Germany)

Gallicia (based off of Late Medieval/Early Renaissance France)

Tisaelia (based off of Late Medieval/Early Renaissance Italy)

Wu Qin (based off of Imperial China)

Burundwana (based off of the Mali Empire)

Lokawe Tribes (based off of the Plains Indians - mostly the Sioux)


Sturmheim, Gallicia, and Tisaelia are known as the Northern Kingdoms (even though only Gallicia is technically a kingdom - Sturmheim is ruled by an Emperor, and Tisaelia is a Republic).  Wu Qin is often referred to as "The Empire of the East", because, well, it's based off of China, and far to the east.  Despite being far to the east of the Northern Kingdoms, trade DOES exist between the two regions - both by sea, and the land route known as the "Road of the Two Emperors" - since the road was first commissioned by Emperor Hans IV Gessler of Sturmheim, and Emperor Chang Li of Wu Qin nearly two thousand years ago.  Burundwana is often called the Southern Kingdom, again, for obvious reasons - what with it being in the Africa-analog region.  Trade between Burundwana, Wu Qin, and the Northern Kingdoms is regular, and in fact, Burundwana, much like the IRL Mali Empire, is less concerned with conquering territory than it is with controlling the trade routes.  And finally, the Western Tribes, or the Lokawe.  While not as technologically advanced as the other human nations (especially the Northern Kingdoms), they have learned how to make and use gunpowder weapons, albeit nowhere near to the extent of the others.  They are, however, experts in light cavalry warfare, and close allies with multiple spirit beings - several of which are demigods.  That, and have close ties with the wood elves.


Next post, the elves.

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Khas    12,129

Alright, now come the elves.  Standard three sub-races: high elf, dark elf, and wood elf.  Culturally, the high elves are based off of the Byzantine Empire (especially the part where they used to rule a massive empire, but now control only one island).  The wood elves are mostly based on the Celts (surprise, surprise), and are the elves who get along best with humanity and other races - the main wood elf kingdom is located in the far west, just to the north of the Lokawe tribe lands, but quite a few also live in Sturmheim.  And finally, the dark elves.   Might be standard-issue "edgy" elves, might be something different.  Still don't know yet.

As for the elves' appearances, well, they more or less have standard elvish appearance (pointed ears, lithe, about six feet tall), but with some variations.

High elves: Fair-skinned, with blue eyes, and either red, white, or yellow/blonde hair.

Wood elves: Olive-skinned, with green or brown eyes, and green or brown hair.

Dark elves: Bluish-gray-skinned, with red eyes, and blue, purple, or black hair.


Next up, the dwarfs!

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