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Okay guys I'm trying to set up the settings for my next RP. It's going to be a sort of military/PMC sort of game with horror elements tied into it.


Intro- Security personnel of “Clear-Water” are hired to protect a large oil tanker, the “Green Whale”, from Doha, Qatar to the New Mangalore Port in Karnataka, India, and finally to the Port of Singapore. The global energy company “Maxergy” has already had two incidences involving pirates attacking their ships. One of them sustained heavy damage off the coast of Somalia, and another was taken over in the Bay of Bengal, where Maxergy had to secretly pay a ransom to get their workers back. 

Your characters' job is to guard the Green Whale during the night shift, from 2200 hours to 0600 hours (10PM to 6AM). Watch out for any suspicious activity. Don't fire unless your night supervisor and/or main supervisor gives you the clearance to engage (unless of course you get fired upon first).

The contractors of Clear-Water are some of the very best in private marine security, and are more than a match for pirates. But out in the Indian Ocean, there's a supernatural threat that even the world's best navies, much less a PMC, might not be able to defeat.

Game rules-

-The GM will not have a PC but will be controlling the NPC’s.

-There will be dice rolls with a single d10. 1 is a fail and 10 is a pass with a variegation of 8 steps in-between. Most of the rolls will be for combat, but the GM will sometimes ask you to roll for strength (push, pull, etc.), agility (running, jumping, dodging, etc.), perception (seeing, hearing, smelling, feeling etc.), social (persuade, intimidate, psychology etc.), luck, and last but not least, sanity. The GM will tell you the results of the rolls.

Example: There's a 5 foot hole in the floor, or a part of a catwalk collapsed. With a running start, somebody carrying no gear should be able to jump it (no die roll required). But with 40 lbs of gear and a weapon in your hands, that just got more difficult, so you might go with the 1 = critical fail (PC falls into the gap), 2-5 = mishap (roll again to determine if the PC just dropped something in the gap, or if they got hurt by hitting the edge of the gap, etc.), 6-9 = success, 10 = great success (lands on a run, loses no momentum, and so forth).

As for sanity rolls, your PCs will mostly not be fazed by normal death and combat. However, if your PC encounters something supernatural, or unusual death, etc., they will have to roll for a sanity check (1 critical fail, 2-5 fail, 6-9, success, 10 great success). If you get 4 normal and 2 critical fails in a day, your PC will have a temporary insanity of the GMs choosing. If the PC get the fails in a row(2for critical 4 for normal or fail 3 normal times, and one critical fail and so forth.)  the PC will either have to run away, fight (in panicking, shooting into thin air and/or at a friendly NPC/PC sort of way), or go catatonic.

There will be five classes the players can choose from. The classes and the number of slots available are: 5 standard riflemen, 1 sniper/marksman, 1 machine gunner, 1 camera operator(only is armed with a pistol), and one CO/night supervisor. The spots that are not taken will be filled with friendly NPCs.

There will be no need for stats for your PC, but depending on what class you choose, you will have penalties and bonuses to your die roll.

Example: If a machine gunner tries to do the same jump, he will need to make a 7 to succeed. Another example: a sniper will have a greater chance of success to hit their target at long range (5 instead of 6), but will have a penalty if the PC is using the primary gun at a short range (8 or higher).

All but the camera man will be wearing a bullet resistant vest/plate carrier.

-Your character can be either male or female and can be of any race/ethnicity and can come from almost any country. It’s recommended that the PC have a background in military or law enforcement, and should have a clean record. So no shifty history with criminal organizations or terrorist groups.

-Standard weapons will be Colt LE 6920 rifles and Sig 226R 9mm pistols. Your PC can carry primary and secondary weapons of their choosing, as long as they are not hand-cannons (like the S&W 500 and the Desert Eagle), explosives (because of the oil ship) and any other Hollywood weaponry that are not common with security companies. Also don’t have a crap ton of accessories on your guns. Your PC is going to be walking and standing around a lot in hot weather.

Standard equipment will be a  canteen/ water bottle, portable (handheld) radio with earphone-lip mic headset ,flashlight(Both hand carried and weapon mounted),    spare batteries for radio and flashlights, cellphone, Multi tool/Folding knife,  bullet resistant vest/plate carrier, and body camera(either connected to the plate carrier on the shoulder or on the side of a helmet).

Kevlar helmets, Knee and elbow pads, goggles/glasses are optional but are recommended. Just remember not to have too much gear on your PC.

Your PC will be carrying 6 magazines on your vest if you use a rifle/carbine, 4 magazines for pistols (if they're double stack mags; single stack like the 1911 will have 6 mags), and 2 pouches of 100 rounds of belted 7.62mm for the machine gunner (2 pouches of 200 round belts in 5.56mm or 4 pouches in 100 round belts). You can get more ammunition in the armory if you run low.

-Out of combat you can post in any time you want.  In combat though you need to take a turn from first poster to last poster.

-Here is  the character sheet. Pm me your sheet before you play. 




Current residence:



Other gear:


So what should I add or take away?

Edited by Gunbird
New rules.

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I don't know if I want to using that trope. There are going to be some NPCs(And my PCs if there unlucky enough) that are going to think the monsters are angels or demons.

I don't want to revile too much  about whats going to happen since you might want to play.


Edite: And here is a Trope you might want to read. http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/PrivateMilitaryContractors

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On 9/13/2017 at 0:07 AM, IkaikaKekai said:

Looks fine to me, are the rifles semi only or select fire?


You can have either or. But shooting a rifle in full auto will be vary inaccurate. 

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I know, it was between a heavily customized AR15, or an 'off the shelf' G36/K with a STANAG insert in the magwell, standard reflex sight and scope combo, and laser/light combo.  That and replacing the standard knife with a bayonet.  Was just trying to decide between the rifle or carbine.  I'd think the rifle would have more range and accuracy for taking down pirates before they get to the boat, while the carbine would be better for if they actually get onboard the ship.  These are the things a merc needs to think about after all.

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A heavily customized AR15 in what way?

Edit: And this is what the contractors look like.







And this is what you will fell like at the end of the job.



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1 hour ago, IkaikaKekai said:

As in getting detailed about specific lowers, uppers, parts kits, stocks, buffer weight, gasblock lenght ect.

Ah. Not the accessories on the AR.

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OK, Im going to mention something I didn’t put in the rules the first time.

First, BasileusIoannis said that there is no oil terminal in Doha but there is one 25 miles from it at Um Said. So I'm thinking the game will start with the contractors riding in shuttle vans to that terminal. 

The briefing will happen before the game starts so it doesn't slow it down too much. Your PCs are not to carry their weapons until the oil tanker is out in international waters (it should take 15 minutes for the ship to get out there at full speed, but you’re playing the Night crew so it don't really matter that much.) 

The weapons themselves will be in locked storage units with eye and fingerprint scanners. Other high tech gadgets, laser trip alarms, thermal cameras, encrypted phones and tablets, and some less high tech stuff like razor wire.

There will be 2 riflemen patrolling starboard, 2 on port, 1 bow with the machine gunner, a sniper/marksman on top of the bridge, and the sub supervisor and camera operator are in the bridge.

Ok now I need to plan how the story gose in this game.

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