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I think "objective" would be an explicit statement that this is an outlier to be ignored.  It's not just the fact that small arms/ground artillery have demonstrated equal or superior firepower (a list to which I'd add Han's shot against the docking bay wall in ANH, Veers' shot against the shield generator in ESB and the clone heavy artillery shooting down the TF battleship in AotC), its that starship guns have demonstrated vastly better firepower:

ANH: Devastator's partially deflected shot vaporised a significant volume of T4's fin (greater than that of the speeder bike blown apart here)

ANH: X-wings vaporised several cubic metres of the Death Star, again greater than the volume of the bike

ESB: multiple asteroid vaporisations, all volumes significantly greater than the craters left here

RotJ: TL shot either a) vaporised an ISD on it's own or B) punched through tens of metres metal, probably including armour, to hit the main reactor.  Again, a far greater volume than the bike

TPM: TF battleship guns blowing apart starfighters far bigger than the bike

AotC: Slave 1 blows apart multiple asteroids of greater volume that the craters seen here

RotS: Numerous shots from capital ships blowing holes in their opposite numbers far of greater volume than the bike

RO: Again, capship guns blowing holes of far greater volume than the bike.

Conclusion: When we see multiple cases of warship guns vaporising asteroids tens of metres across, and numerous examples of warships blowing holes in starships that likewise represent tens of cubic metres of vaporised metal, then a single example of them producing craters 1-2 metres across, or blowing apart a two metre long accumulation of chicken wire is not convincing.

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