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Cassini Finale

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Khas    12,129

In 15 short hours, the Cassini probe, which discovered so much about the planet Saturn and its moons (especially Titan and Enceladus), will plunge into Saturn's atmosphere, and burn up.  Let us give this remarkable spacecraft a moment of silence, out of respect for its discoveries, which include (but are not limited to):

- Seas of liquid methane on Titan's surface.

- Liquid water emerging from geysers on Enceladus.

- Saturn's polar hexagon.

- Answering why Iapetus is dark on one side, and light on the other (dust from another moon, Phoebe).

- And a hell of a lot more.

So, we bid adieu to Cassini, and all the worlds it's visited.  Until the next probe...

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