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Every named exoplanet

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Here are all the planets orbiting other stars that have received proper names, listed by what star they orbit:

14 Andromedae

- Spe


18 Delphini

- Arion


41 Lyncis

- Arkas


42 Draconis

- Orbitar


47 Ursae Majoris

- Taphao Thong

- Taphao Kaew


51 Pegasi

- Dimidium


55 Cancri

- Janssen

- Galileo

- Brahe

- Harriot

- Lipperhey


Epsilon Eridani

- Aegir


Epsilon Tauri

- Amateru



- Dagon


Gamma Cephei A

- Tadmor


HD 104985

- Meztli


HD 149026

- Smertios


HD 209458

- Osiris


Iota Draconis

- Hypatia


Mu Arae

- Dulcinea

- Rocinante

- Quijote

- Sancho



- Thestias


PSR B1257+12

- Draugr

- Poltergeist

- Phobetor


PSR B1620-26

- Methuselah


Upsilon Andromedae

- Saffar

- Samh

- Majriti


Xi Aquilae

- Fortitudo

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