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What would happen if the USA military took over the Zone in STALKER?

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Archinist    0

So, the US learns of the great resource and science potentials of the Zone in the STALKER video game series and they begin to make preparations to set themselves up there. Since there seems to be almost no official government forces or anything there at all, they don't encounter much political resistance and by the events of early Clear Sky, they begin to arrive in great numbers into the Zone. 

What would be the implications of their arrival? Would they have better success than the rag-tag Ukrainian military that wander around there from time to time?

Let's say that their first objectives are to secure the Labs X-16 and X-18, secure the healing pond, and establish good presences at the Army Warehouses, the Dark Valley, Cordon, and most of the other most important areas. The US industry also demands a large amount of powerful artifacts to research and the US government/military is able to comply with them.

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Gunbird    517


If the US(Or any NATO member) gets involved in going into the zone it going to be small numbers(Special forces)  rather then large a large force.They will mostly go in there covertly, disguising themselves like the local STALKERs. If they work on more on finding out how the zone tics rather try to go full ham like the Ukrainian did they might do a better job.

I don't think a conventional force going into the zone is really a good idea. During the same time first mission happened the US was still in Iraq and Afghanistan, that would make logistics even more of a nightmare.

There another problem if the US sends boots either normally or covertly. A big chunk of the zone is in Belarus, a country that is more friends with Russia then with the US.



There would be a lot of political turmoil if the RU finds out there Yankees mucking about in zone.  

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IkaikaKekai    10,516

I'd agree with Gunny, even though I'm not very well versed in STALKER lore.  It would either be SOCOM doing things on the down low, or it would be the CIA doing their shady shit using both US Spec Ops and and Contractors, either locals or hired guns from outside.

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