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      EVERYBODY READ - This is our new policy regarding spambots   02/04/2018

      Here's the thing about the spambot situation - it is literally physically impossible for me to catch up with them. I don't know what about this board attracts them so much (although this is a common problem with Spacebattles, Sufficient Velocity and other boards - they just don't actually post there for some reason, maybe they have better software or something) or what to do to control it. I don't have a lot of tools to deal with the situation, and even far, far less time. The *only* practical solution is to just tell you guys to ignore them and don't click on any links they post - *especially* when they're written in the style of a paragraph but bizarrely formatted in list format, and *especially* when they're written in Russian (or Turkish, or whatever language is unreadable for most Americans who don't hail from the oppressive side of the Iron Curtain or an international studies degree). In other words, I won't be doing any actions anymore. *Because I can't.* I apologize for the inconvenience. 
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Commander RayCav

Future fanfics (yes I'm going to actually write these I promise)

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Commander RayCav    12,014

Well, I've always wanted to be a writer since high school (back when I first joined the *original* ASVS, yeah) and after plopping down thousands of dollars to learn the craft at the *graduate* level I guess I...better not waste my monies.

Someone told me that a good way to practice your craft and especially avoid the issues endemic to the "practice novel" is to write "canon fanfiction" and so that's what I'll do. And since I want to be a young adult author (don't ask) I'll write canon young adult fanfiction!

So here's a list of fanfiction I plan to write:

 - A fan novelization of the movie "Ice Princess"

I really like this movie, it's a script written by Meg Cabot, and Michelle Trachtenberg kinda reminds me of my ex so seems like a great opportunity!

 - A fan novelization of the series "Cobblestone Corridor"

It's a teen drama series on PBS so...sure!

 - A novelization of a fan script I wrote for the Disney Channel series "Liv and Maddie"

Ummm...maybe I should quit here while I'm ahead.

 - A fanfiction of the Thrawn Trilogy, to fit somewhere in between the books, using only characters and objects/ships canon to the Thrawn Trilogy no original characters (maybe)

 - A fanfiction of Star Trek, either of something that can fit within the novels or series, or a fan novelization of an episode (maybe)

And hey, maybe I'll actually finish some of my pre-existing fanfiction!


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