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      Here's the thing about the spambot situation - it is literally physically impossible for me to catch up with them. I don't know what about this board attracts them so much (although this is a common problem with Spacebattles, Sufficient Velocity and other boards - they just don't actually post there for some reason, maybe they have better software or something) or what to do to control it. I don't have a lot of tools to deal with the situation, and even far, far less time. The *only* practical solution is to just tell you guys to ignore them and don't click on any links they post - *especially* when they're written in the style of a paragraph but bizarrely formatted in list format, and *especially* when they're written in Russian (or Turkish, or whatever language is unreadable for most Americans who don't hail from the oppressive side of the Iron Curtain or an international studies degree). In other words, I won't be doing any actions anymore. *Because I can't.* I apologize for the inconvenience. 
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Tribbles vs. Porgs

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Khas    12,125

So, by act of Random Omnipotent Being (ROB), about 50 or so Tribbles...



Have ended up on the planet Ach-To - specifically, the island that Luke was hiding out on.  During their stay, the Tribbles run afoul of some of Ach-To's most well-known animals, the Porgs:



For reasons known only to animals, the two species have now entered a direct competition for resources.  Which one comes out on top?  Tribbles, or Porgs?

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IkaikaKekai    10,516

Tribbles.  They born pregnant and will quickly swallow the island in fur.  There seems to be very few if any natural predators for Porgs, so unless the porgs get wise and roll the little fuckers into the ocean to be munched on by big fish they're gonna lose.

I don't think Chewie can make enough Tribble Stew and Tribble Sausage to hold back the tide.  And then the Klingons will show up and put a blockade around the planet and send down eradication teams, then one will report what the found to the High Council, and then we'll have Klingon Force users.  WHY!  WHY ROB!?  WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS?!

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