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Ado Mortumee

The Blue Eyed Irken - Prophet of Truth - ( I ) - Action/Romance

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Ado Mortumee    500

The Blue Eyed Irken is the first chapter of what I hope to be an epic trilogy, so R&R please…




Disclaimer: I do not own Invader Zim, the only things in this story that are mine are Taz and Shade and any other characters or random things not seen or mention in any of the episodes of IZ that I come up with.




Time Units


[One Solar Revolution = two and a half Earth years. SR]


[One Lunar Revolution = two Earth months. LR]


[One Major Unit = Approx. one Earth hour. MJU]


[One Standard Unit = Approx. one Earth minute. SU]


[One Minor Unit = Approx. one Earth second. MU]






Prologue: Invader Taz and the Classroom of Doom








Location: Planet Irk, underground Military Training Area A-523.




“Red Purple! Lay down suppression fire on their left flank!†Taz said over the Squad Freq. as he ducked back down behind the makeshift metal barricade as laser fire from the Vortian soldiers impacted against the barricade.†Skoodge, Zim, how much longer until you have the heavy laser repaired,†the tall blue eyed Irken known as Taz asked as laser fire continued to come their way, but slacken off as Red and Purple fired down on the Vortian's vulnerable left flank.




“Another six and a half SU and we should have it operational again,†Skoodge said without looking from the large, heavy looking purple laser cannon.




“That’s too long, Vortian heavy armor will be here in the next four SU,†Taz said, looking up at the dark night sky of Vort, Home of the Universes Comfiest Couch, wishing for the umpteenth time that the air support hadn’t completely wiped out within the first hour of the assault on the city.†This is Taz, leader of Squad Five any other Squads near the old Vortian Museum of Local Intergalactic history, we are under heavy suppression fire from Vortian infantry and expect heavy armor to arrive within the next -â€




“This is Squad Seventy, we hear you and are one the way. ETA is two SU. Out.â€




Good, we can hold out that long.†Squad Seventy is heading towards our position to help. ETA is One SU and fifty five MU,†Taz said as he used one of the fiber optic cables to look down on the Vortian position. There were several dozen of them behind proper military barricades keeping Squad Five pinned down up on the upper level of the outer museum parking area. And then a hum was heard in the distance that was growing steadily louder, and then the massive Vortian Devastator Mk. II MBT floated into the parking area.




“Red Purple get out of there now!†Taz ordered as he turned back towards where Zim and -†Zim! Skoodge,†Taz said as he heard the sound of the hover tank charging its main cannon,†where did Zim go?†A massive explosion was heard a second later and everyone stopped and looked towards the source: a large, cone shape building over a hundred stories high began to fall down on the Vortian position, and the faint sound of “Victory! Victory for ZIM!†could be heard coming from near the building.


Red and Purple began to move even faster than before with the huge Vortian building about to smash into the walkway they were on, and made it of the way just in time. The Vortian forces were not so lucky. The building squashed the soldiers like bugs and trapped the tank.




“This is S-Seventy, S-Five come in, repeat come -â€




“S-Five here, we don’t need your help now S-Seventy. Zim dropped a building on the Vortian position. Over and out,†Taz quickly switched to the Sqaud Freq.†Zim, come in. Zim! Answer now! Over.†Taz waited several seconds before trying again-




“Zim reporting in Squad Leader. I am under heavy fire from Vortian reinforcements that just arrived, I will deal with them and then join back up along the route to the objective. Zim out.†Another explosion followed shortly after that, drowning out the sound of laser fire.




“Come on, lets get moving, we have a mission to finish right now,†Taz said. He knew Zim would make it back to the route to their objective.








Zim ran, scrambling over debris from the building on his spider legs as surviving Vortian soldiers attempted to chase him but could not keep up with the more mobile Irken in the debris field. He turned to his right and began to make his way down the debris strewn highway that lead away from the Museum, and after several minutes ran into a Vortian blockade and he heard shouting as they spotted him and anti-infantry turrets moved to target him. He backtracked quickly as the turrets began to open fire, but shortly after ran into his original pursuers. Zim fired, turning a couple of them into expanding clouds of super heated vapor before they could react, but it quickly turned in their favor as they knocked out two of his spider legs.


Knowing he couldn’t hope to win in this lopsided firefight with the forces from the blockade approaching from behind he ducked into a side alley and threw a pair of motion activated mines onto one of the buildings in the middle of the alley and continued running as the Vortian soldiers chased after him. He was fourty meters away when the mines went off, vaporizing the Vortians and surrounding buildings.


Zim continued running for several more SU before stopping, he had to get his bearings now so he could return to his Squad, he looked up one of Vort’s two moons and quickly found which way he had to go.








“They’ve almost reached the end of the tunnel, sir,†Skoodge said over the comm., watching the approaching column of Vortian troops and vehicles just entering the city.†Now!†Skoodge said - a massive multi-gigaton explosion rushed down the tunnel, incinerating everything before the tunnel collapsed.




“Good, now with the main assault forces flank secured we can get back to our own objective,†Taz replied. He deployed his spider legs and leaped the fourteen meters to the building Skoodge had been on, with Red and Purple jumping over the edge from below several seconds later.




“So, anything from Zim yet? Its been a couple MJU since we got split up,†Red asked Taz as the spider legs retracted back into his PAK.




“No, but if he is -†Taz was cut off as a massive explosion was heard to the east, and a hundred and sixty five MU later the fireball had disappeared and the faint sound of “Victory! Victory for ZIM!†could be heard.




“Ok, we now where Zim is know,†Taz said, shaking his head at how Zim somehow always drew attention in the worst possible way.†Come on, lets go get him before he does something else.â€




“Why is Zim always yelling his name into the sky in combat zones? Even after all this time it still amazes me anyone can be this dense!†Red said.




Several MJU Earlier




Zim slowly moved among the debris between the Vortian buildings, keeping an eye out for enemy units laying in wait to ambush him. He stopped, and looked up - Zim ducked - and a red laser beam sped through the area where his head had been just a split second before. He fed a fiber optic cable around the corner of the piece of debris he had ducked behind to get a look at the position his attacker had moved to after the first shot. There, the twenty first floor of the skyscraper north east of his position. He moved toward the entrance of the building to his left, careful to keep cover between him and the sniper as he entered the Vortian building. He silently made his way towards the stairs next to the gravity lifts in the lobby, watching and listening for anything out of the ordinary, and moved up floor by floor until he was one floor above where the sniper was in the building a dozen blocks away. Pathetic Vortian! You can not stop ZIM! He thought, loading a Mk. II heavy anti-vehicle missile into the launcher he had acquired during another fight in the city after being cut off from the rest of his squad. Taking aim at the Vortian sniper, he held his breath, and pulled the trigger. The missile hit almost instantly, unleashing a multi-gigaton explosion that leveled most of the surrounding buildings.


“Victory! Victory for ZIM!!!!†He shouted to the heavens in typical Zim fashion after several SU, completely oblivious to the fact this would bring doom raining down on his head in a heated combat zone for the umpteenth time.




Back to Present




Red took point, watching likely ambush sites for any sign of movement or sound that might betray whoever lay in wait. The sound of battle could be heard far off in the distance of the ruined city as they continued moving towards where they had heard Zim. After thirty Standard Units they reached the devastated area and found only a few surviving buildings.†This is where the explosion and shouting come from, lets check this building first,†Taz said, looking around for any sign of Vortian units coming to find Zim also. They moved silently and smoothly through the same lobby that Zim had more then half an hour before checking for booby traps and anything else that may have been set up by a Vortian unit.†Clear,†Purple said over the comm. channel as the others also reported in that the lobby was safe for the time being.†Red and Purple,†Taz said as he moved towards the stairs,†guard our escape route will me and Skoodge head up and start looking for Zim.â€




“Foolish Vortains! How could they believe they could defeat me!? ZIM!†Zim shouted as he made his way down back towards the lobby, and as he turned the next corner in the stairwell he was ran over by Taz as he bound up the steps.




“ZIM! What in the name of the Tallest do you think you are doing shouting your name in a combat zone again!†Taz growled as he pushed himself up, grabbing his laser rifle as he did.†Come on, lets get out of here before the Vortian patrols get here in the next few SU and vaporize us,†Taz said as a panting Skoodge arrived.




“Hey Zim!†The short Irken said and waved at his friend.†So what happened to you?†He asked as they began their descent back to the ground floor.




“I the glorious ZIM bravely fought off a hundred Vortian soldiers at once and defeated them with trivial easy! For I am ZIM!†He replied, shouting his name yet again.




“Zim.†Taz asked, turning his head to look at the other Irken soldier as they reached the second floor.




“Yes Squad Leader Taz? What is it you wish to ask the great ZIM!â€




“To stop shouting your Tallest forsaken name into the heavens so that every enemy combatant in the city can find us!!!!†Taz snapped at the shorter Irken. Some days I really do question why I ever became friends with him, Taz thought, he always getting himself and everyone else around him in trouble and is a liability on the battlefield almost assured to bring doom do - Taz was pulled back to reality at the sound of laser fire just several meters away in the lobby.†Check Power Cell levels and get ready to lay down cover fire!†Taz ordered as they broke into a run down the stairs and around the corner to find a dozen Vortian soldiers attacking Red and Purple who were using a heavy metal door for cover. The Vortians were taken by surprise as the three new comers fired into their flank, taking down four of them before they could move to a better position. Taz shot another one through the chest, vaporizing him and leaving behind only an expanding cloud of super heated vapor.†Look!†Skoodge pointed during a lull in the fight,†their bring in reinforcements!â€




“Red! Purple! Fall back upstairs now!†Taz said over the comm. as they began backing up towards the stairs, laying down heavy suppression fire to cover their retreat. He heard their reply and saw them make a break form cover towards him and the others as the Vortians slowly advanced under cover. With Red and Purple safe they turned and made a mad dash up the stairs towards safety and if they were lucky a defensible position.




“Forward units pull back and ready to fire the missile into that building,†the short, gray, horned Vortian Major ordered as the Irkens retreated to the seventh floor still under heavy fire that began to slacken off.


After several minutes the soldiers gave the all clear.†Fire.â€




“Where are they?†Asked Purple as he watched the feed from the fiber optic cable.†I really have a bad feeling about this guys,†he continued… and then pointed at the missile coming right at them.




“Zim,†Taz said as he turned to the small red eyed Irken,†next time you shou -†he was cut off by the explosion of the missile that completely vaporize the them and parts of several other nearby buildings.








Taz pulled the visor off his head and took off other pieces of the training simulation equipment as the others did. Taz glared at the small Irken behind him as he got up and walked over, he leaned down as Zim took off his visor.†Now where was I before we were blown up? Right: Zim, next time you shout your name into the heavens in the middle of a combat zone I am going to throw you in the pit with the Balqwer, understand?†Taz said, still glaring down at Zim as the others also came over.




“I think your letting him off way to easy just giving him to the Balqwer,†Red said with a scowl and shook his head again at Zim’s continuing stupidity.




“Nonsense! I am ZIM! If it were not for me we would never had made it as far as we did!†He said, once again completely oblivious to the glares he was getting from everyone but Skoodge.â€




Everyone but Skoodge shook their heads, and then returned to their training stations to await the end of the training session. Zim set back for several SU, doing what he could to keep himself from being bored until he finally gave.




“Zim tires of this training! We have been down here for ten Solar Revolutions and have still not seen the surface! When do we get to see the surface of Irk!?†He demanded. He then turned to the young Irkens next to him.“ Who will come with ZIM so that the surface may finally bask in my glory!†He said to Red and Purple.




“Zim, the answer is: No. Now leave us alone,†Red said as he Purple looked around before chowing down on some snacks they had snuck in.




Zim clenched his fist and turned to the Irken behind him.“ Skoodge! You are an impressionable young Irken!†Zim said pointing a digit.




“I sure am!†Skoodge replied to Zim.




“Come with me then to the surface of Irk Skoodge so Zim cam take his rightful place!†Zim finished and jumped up on his training station.




“Sure! I’ll come Zim,†Skoodge said as Zim jumped back down.




“Good!†He said and turned to the others.†Who else will follow me, ZIM! To the surface?†He asked. And Taz, still angry at Zim, got up and walked over.




“I’m only coming to try and keep Skoodge out of whatever trouble you get into given your track record Zim,†Taz said to his shorter friend.




“I knew you would come with me Taz! For I am ZIM!†He said and turned around and continued pass other Irkens. Taz shook his head and followed behind Skoodge as they moved towards the exit as thousands of other Irkens continued to fight in the simulation. They entered the hallway outside and turned right, following Zim down it and into a shadowy region of the vast underground labyrinth.




“Where are we going Zim?†Taz asked, listening for anything in the shadows. Hopeful nothing would be attracted by Zim’s bad luck and idiocy for once, Taz thought.




“I learned of an old ladder near a power facility in one of the older areas that leads to the surface. The information I have on the area says it is completely abandoned except for when a repair crew comes down to check on the power facility,†Zim said as they continued down the dimly lit corridor.†Ah, here we go, the junction to the next level up with the ladder,†and with that Zim and the others rose up on a gravity lift to the next level.




That was when everything went wrong yet again. A pair of glowing red eyes appeared in the darkness and the robot they were attached moved out of the shadows of the side corridor looking the three Irkens over.




“IT’S A DERMIS PROWLER SECURITY ROBOT! DON’T MOVE A MUSCLE,†Taz said and froze as it watched them, the orange paint job of the insectoid security bot glinting in the light of the main corridor.




“How does it work?†Zim asked, still froze in place, the robot continued to stare.




“It detects motion, homes in, and unleashes unimaginable pain,†Skoodge said.




“Good work Skoodge!†Zim replied and picked the other Irken up and threw him down the corridor the Dermis had come out of. The robot turned and rushed after Skoodge as Zim made a run for it.




“ZIM!!!!†Taz yelled, infuriated at Zim throwing a teammate into the clutches of the enemy.†Forget him,†he said as Zim disappeared around the corner,†I’ve got to save Skoodge from that Dermis,†and with that Taz deployed the spider legs from his blue PAK and moved down the corridor, following the sounds of Skoodge and the Dermis. He heard the sounds of machinery being smashed ahead and Skoodge screaming as he continued to dodge the security bot. He finally caught up with them in a large room now felled mainly with badly damaged machines that the bot had rammed into as it tried to catch Skoodge.


“Get out of here Skoodge! I’ll hold it off,†he shouted to the shorter Irken and leap forward onto the robot and landed on it, looking for the control panel to turn it off -†AAAHHHHHHHHHHH!†Taz screamed as he flew back into a wall from having tens of millions of bolts sent through him by the close range defense system. Taz sat panting for a couple seconds - and dodge out of the way at the last second, the bot slamming into another piece of machinery and getting itself stuck. With that Taz quickly retreated back to the main corridor, and after several seconds heard the Dermis back in pursuit to unleash unimaginable pain on him.


Taz turned right, heading in the direction Zim had gone, the Dermis appeared just a split second later still intent on doing it’s job.




Farther down the corridor Zim had found the ladder to the surface and was just about to begin his ascent to the world above when Skoodge finally appeared panting, he shouted.†Zim! We have to go back! The Dermis is after Taz!â€




“Don’t worry about him Skoodge! He is more than capable of handling it, but not as well as ZIM could!â€


With that Zim began climbing to the surface as the sound of the Dermis became louder - and Taz appeared out of the darkness with the Dermis close behind. Finally fed up with the chase the Dermis fired its lasers and sliced Taz’s spider four legs in half sending him skidding across the floor into a wall.


Zim looked back down and decided to jump back down to show the pathetic robot what a true Irken soldier could do!




“Up the ladder now Skoodge!†Taz shouted as he crouched by the wall watching as the robot sped towards him - and Zim leap into the machine and sent it flying into a large metal box, breaking the box apart with a massive light show of sparks and lighting bolts that short-circuited the Dermis which then fell over with a crash. The box continued to spark as they made their way to the surface, a loud series of explosions and sounds of sparking machinery following them.




Zim pushed open the hatch and stood on the sidewalk on the ground level of Irk just outside the capital.†It is breath taking, is it not?†Zim asked as the other two appeared out of the hole, explosions still going off.




“It is,†Taz said as he looked at the beautiful cityscape of the capital and other nearby cities and surrounding plains… and with a final explosion every light on the planet flickered and went out.†Zim,†Taz said as he turned to the shorter Irken,†you pushed the Dermis into the main power relay for the entire PLANET!†Taz shouted, placing a hand against his forehead. Some days I question why I follow him on these insane adventures just to keep Skoodge or whoever Zim talked into going out of trouble, Taz thought.




“Yes, I did,†he said with a grin as the sound of footsteps was heard below, and a guard poked his head up through the hole they had exited.




“What the hell are you trainees doing out here!†The guard said, pulling himself through and grabbing them.†And which one of you knocked that Dermis into the main power relay!?â€




“It was I! ZIM!†The short red eyed Irken said proudly as the guard brought them back down.




“You two,†the guard said, pointing at Taz and Skoodge,†return to A-523 at once. And you,†he said turning to Zim who was still completely oblivious to the damage had caused,†will be taken to the local Control Brain for evaluation.â€




Three Major Units later, A-523.




Skoodge and Taz along with every one else in the room where just getting up to head to the mess hall when the doors at the far end flung open… and Zim marched in proudly, followed by the holo of the local Control Brain.




“I am happy to declare trainee Zim the greatest among those here and that he and a select few others will be advancing to Invader Training at once!†The Control Brain said happily, but after that you might be lucky and hear it whispering “Does not comput- horrible data, so corrupted!â€




“What did the Control Brain just say…†Red asked, his mouth agape at what he head just heard. ZIM! The GREATEST among them!!?? Had the Control Brain gone insane!




“The others who shall advance at once to Invader Training are: Taz, Skoodge, Red and Purple!†Nearly everyone was still stunned by what the Control Brain had said about Zim and it took a few seconds for them to notice what it had just said. Everyone cheered for them after that, congratulating on their early advancement to Invader Training and whished them good luck.




“You shall report to hangar bay B-04 at 0400 tomorrow. That is all.†And with that the Control Brain exploded from the horrible data it had downloaded from Zim’s PAK.




“Zim, I don’t know what you did, but good job,†Red said, looking down the tiny Irken.




“I’m still keeping an eye on you after the whole ‘knock out power to the entire planet’ incident, but good job and thank you,†Taz said, still stun at what the short Irken who was always blowing things up had just managed. Invader Training...








Will, tell me what you think in the review thread. Because if you don’t, I’ll replace your brain with a rubber piggy and unleash giant fish in teddy bear suits on the world again!

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